Intolerable pain - Stopped LDN week1

So I have energy alright but the pain has become intolerable, Usually when I get this kind of pain is because I am having an immune reaction or start up. I have only gotten this when I start new medication/supplement that touches the immune system but I have not added anything new so I am at a loss here. I don't think midodrine has anything to do with immune function.

I also stopped the LDN because I felt wasn't doing anything so not sure if it might be that. But I thought I knew what pain was but if I touch any area or muscle it hurts so bad I want to just .... arggg scream I guess. I have been walking 2 miles a day. So that might be also an issue. But if I don't walk I do not sleep.

Will reduce the walking and try to take it easier today and see what happens.


Hi Seven,
I have been browsing through u'r posts. I understand u've started LDN about a year ago - is this correct?
I don't think that Stoppping LDN immidaitely and not gradualy should cause any pain as I understood the possible uncomfortable side effects of LDN has to do with the Growing of the neurons and not with decreasing their amount.
Anyhow - to me it seems u do too much; with ME the whole body functions are so interwoven and connected, so even if u feel great with midorine - I would have taken the time to let the body heal by rest. As u know - exercise and efforts aggravate our condition.

And I 'll take this opportunity to introduce myself ;)
I am 50 years old, have ME for 15 years now, since my 2nd pregnancy;
from the Netherlands, was y KDM - whom I did not get along with, or with his insights.
Have been on LDN for a month now, no effects, or rather - got worse.
Thank you, I know I am doing too much, FYI I do it on purpose because I hate the deconditioiung theory so I have a personal motive because everytime a doctor tell me is deconditioning it really upset me when I know it is something else because I can do things from one day to the other. So I like to every now and then when I have the energy to have written prove that that theory is BS. I will slow down tomorrow afternoon and give my body time to heal!!! Also, It is sooooo hard not to do all the things you wanted to do while being down!!!! But tx I will follow your good advice.

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