Hurrah! Wikipedia me/cfs entry finally changed for the better

I've been waiting for a while. I think the new entry is much more unequivocal about the seriousness of me/cfs and gives less weight to the psychosocial side. Thats how i see it anyway.

Considering that wiki is the 4th biggest site in the world and is many peoples entry point to information, this can only be a good thing.


If the wikipedia is starting to show a little balance, and this does appear to be the case on first reading, this is a very positive sign. It may mean that those promoting psychogenic views are starting to accept and evaluate the biomedical evidence. The control over the wikipedia entry has been strict. I sent out an alert on this years ago on Co-Cure. Is this yet another manifestation of the change we see in rhetoric from the likes of Simon Wessely and Peter White?
God, i do hope so. The psychogenic view is still epidemic though, especially when you scratch people a little deeper. I wouldnt mind at all about this if they could just convince me.
Yea, wiki articles are well contested, thats why i consider this a slight drift in the Zeitgeist.

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