Ion channelopathy- smart person needed

I just read Corts neurological channelopathy article in the archives and am fascinated.

What would be the implications of this for treatment? Should we be taking sodium channel blockers, calcium channel blockers?

Of my three blissful, complete symptom free days, two were after sleep deprivation, and one just after going onto lamotrigine (sodium channel blocker). Unfortunately didnt last.

I dont have the necessary science chops to ask the right questions in such a thread. Plus, im highly subjective and misunderstand things. Plus, im lazy.

Thats why you need to start an intriguing thread on this subject. Please.

I would send you a smily face:)


There is on published case study where calcium blocker was used with great success on one patient (think it was nimodipine but cannot remember details now), but I am not aware of any clinical trials large or small.

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