Has anyone tried Chemo for ME/CFS

Hi there,
I am in the hospital right now. I come every 4 weeks to get IVIG and have to be admitted due to a blood clot disorder. Along with some other issues this time, they are treating me for an infection in my leg and trying to get me to hold down food.

My infectious disease Dr. Has tried Chemo on a patient in the past and I was just wondering is there anyone out there that has tried this and had any success? The patient he tried it on had several problems like myself and it worked for him, while the others it didn't. He is hesitant on starting it where I am wanting to try anything at this point. Can anyone give me feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you mean to post this on the Forum? I don't know how often people check blogs entries (where you post is currenty)

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As a suggestion you could tag @kati because she was a
chemo nurse. Also @Jonathan Edwards is a retired doctor that has a lot of useful insight.
It seems risky to me. Chemo is harmful, and should really only be used where benefit is known to outweigh the harm. In this instance you would be putting yourself in harm's way based on no evidence.

If it were me, I would not want to do it.
What specifically would the chemo be for? It is used sometimes in MCAS (meds like Gleevec) and I know there are other off-label purposes. Was just curious in your case if your doctor explained what it would be for? And also like Groggy Doggy said, if you post it in the forum section vs. the blogs, I think you will get a greater response.
As I understand it Rituximab is a chemo drug and patients with cancer who also had ME type symptoms were responding positively. I agree that these are powerful drugs but this illness isn't a common cold either.
My mother takes a chemo drug (methotrexate) for her RA. She has done for many years and she's 80yo and still going.

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