Florinef Day #2

Sooo I went to see electro, basically he told me to push thorough it and exercise for POTs, I am also getting a TTT but he said that he didn't expect anything different, besides that I have mild dysautonomia. My respect to those with severe one!!!!

He did give me Florinef to try. I started half a dose (.5mg) (he didn't tell me to do so, but I have seen posts here). So far sooooo good. Not sure if it is me recovering from the last crash or this pill doing something, whatever it is, I have been more vertical today. I am very exited w progress. I feel a little dizzy kind of high. Not sure what is causing this. Might be a side effect of the florinef.

Debating on starting some exercise, I think will hold of for a week. My STD (short term Disability) got on hold today so might have to go back to work. Not sure what I am doing yet, but if I feel as good as today, I am ready to go back soon!!!!!


i heard that florinef has to be started at a small dose and increased very slowly.i would start at at a lower dose and increase very slowly. make sure you check your potassium from time to time as it might get too low.
Yeah TX!!! For some reason Dr didn't start me slow. I did what I read, so far so good. He is checking potassium soon too. Will keep you posted.

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