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enduring the flare

Was doing so well and then - - slam into Wall of Flare
This time it feels very clearly inflammatory- full body
Day 3 of full on sleeping/ crash
I spend any energy reading up on low histamine diets
Although it is quite beyond me how to combine low-histamine eating with SIBO preventative eating with "I'm too sick to prepare anything" eating... 3 sets that don't seem to intersect.

Just tried soup with celeriac, carrots, 1 sweet pepper, bok choy, chicken. Ginger. Husband kindly chopped.
Pressure cook then remove chicken then puree then add back chicken.
No lemon, garlic, onions chiles etc that I would normally add.
Mild and nutritious seeming but still set me off.
maybe the pepper was the mistake.

I have no idea what to eat.
going through supplements to see if it's something there - pulling out the 2 herbal blends.

Lips painful and swollen. Hives starting to appear on hands. Only thing that is helpful is recognizing that these are same intractable mystery hives I used to get on my hands years ago. So maybe a pattern. Lifelong MCAS.

Already on 3 different OTC antihistamines. Poor body. It's so unhappy.
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peppers a culprit in many gut problems used to really like them until they started to give me painful gas bloating and cramps. dam they used to look so good on a salad. is it safe to take more than one anti histamine hope you recover as much as poss soon.
RE anti histamines - can't give medical advice of course but at least for the moment, I am tolerating 3 of them... I don't know how long to stay on them- hopefully not forever/ too long. Hopefully long enough to treat infections.
Yes, I used to love roast peppers! Roast tomatoes! Broccoli! etc hoping to be able to return to eating some maybe if I can treat this
Post flare- it seems pretty clear that the flare was related to LDN dose increase. It cleared up after 4-5 days. Yay LDN! I guess it's doing its job which is very cool. And very amazing that it is so powerful that a few tenths of a milliliter can pack such a wallop.

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