Crashed again

So I have been soooo sick since Friday, basically on crashed mode like when I started at the beginning of the year (my major crash).

I got a cold or something still haven't figure out, not sure if it was a CFS relapse or a bug and just made CFS worse. Is scary that u can be doing so well and just a bug drag u back sooo much. So that kinda freaked me out. Is it me doing better just an illusion of comfort that can be gone in a minute, just like that? Scary.

I have passed out about 3 times in the last few days (nobody noticed thank God), Brushing my teeth is a chore, I have gone w/o a shower to work because I cannot take a shower and get dressed on the same time frame. Work is very busy but how do I explain how I have gone stupid all of the sudden or cant walk because I can pass out any minute, It is to the point that I am sitting on the hallways and people just jump through me. I am afraid they are going to can me eventually.

It has been rough, I also missed my Florinef dose. I can't keep things straight this days, I am making a lot of mistakes and forgetting things. I started heavy on pedyalite (electrolyte) my secret weapon for crashes, see how I do if I can get out soon.

This crash is different hard to explain, even though I feel w a bug, is not as CFSy as the others, Feels more OIsy than CFSy. Muscle fatigue, Brain is MIA, Droping things, CANNOT hold anything because I let go. Words retrieval, "I do this thing that does the thing...Pass me the thing that has the thing...." Cannot even get point across. I wanted to make sure I document this crash because was somewhat different and brutal and fast and furious.

Now I have to go and pay for the typing I just did!!!


So sorry to hear this 7...hope you feel better soon. I can so relate to how you describe the word retrieval issue! Thanks for sharing.
You are what, almost eight weeks into working? That's enough to change the picture by itself. Hang in! Any way you can take a "mini vacation" on the weekend? Translation: Stay-cation for ME/CFS person.

I feel for you... fighting similar issues day to day with my job, not looking dumb at any cost, hiding what is or isn't, DROPPING things... and making jokes to cover anything that does show.

One of my worst "nightmares" right now is waking up not sure what day it is... Give myself a scare every time!
When I was feeling desorientations was very scary!! I think is the symptom that pushes you emotionally to the desperation side! For me I think is a symptom of OI because since I got on florinef that part has gotten better. The dropping things is worse than EVER!!!
Sorry u r feeling poorly and struggling. I am going through crashes also. Sounds lime we struggle with similar issues. Too tired right now to expand. Hope I don't forget to come back and dialog with u when have more energy. Don't give into the bloody beast - cfs FM me.
Inester.. take care its probably the best if you take time off of work till you recover from the cold causing the symptom worsening. You will ALWAYS be suspectable to this illness once you've had it... no matter how well you feel or how long you've gone wihtout symptoms.. something like a virus can send one crashing back into ME all over again like one was in the past. You will always need to take extra care when you are sick and probably should take time off of work at such times.

Im speaking as one who knows cause it was after a 2-3 year full remission did I catch something like a cold again and went to work..treated myself as a healthy with just a cold as that is what I thought I was. I was so so wrong and have spent the last 5 years trying to recover back where I was since.

Treasure the health improvement you've had and look after it.

And what is even worst, is the way one got better the first time.. the things worked for one then to slowly recover.. Ive found didnt work for me the second time around. It may be harder to recover then it was previously. So please, please take care.

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