Carnivore Diet recovery success stories on YouTube

I’m following a very ancestrally appropriate human Lion Diet consisting of only ruminant meat, salt and water. For variety, I sometimes have bacon and/or eggs.

I don’t find it restrictive at all.
Living with ME/CFS is restrictive.

When you think about it, no animal, other than humans, gets diabetes.
Now our pets are getting diabetes, so the cause must be something in their food.
Feed our pets the food they evolved to eat “raw meat”, and the diabetic diseased state will reverse.

Also, we have known since the 1920’s that, a high fat ketogenic diet can cure children with epilepsy. Why would a diet, that works for one condition, not work for another?

Joe Rogan - Carnivore Diet Fixed Mikhaila Peterson's Arthritis

Joe Rogan - Jordan Peterson's Carnivore Diet Cured His Depression?
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I'm curious about "other cultures" who have more diversified diets.

Do their bodies differ from "ours"? (in my case, I'm a standard issue Anglo Saxon type O)

(something about the blood type diet seems to be true)

Seems like we would have consumed alot of fruit if we evolved in tropical forests.

And how do the cultures who seems to eat a diet primarily involving corn beans squash: what happens to them?

A study of the tribe on our southern border thats divide between two countries, the northern ones' had the northern problems, but not those south of the border (at least at that time)

I think of humans in the north as Like Bears. Opportunists. Watching the bear cam yesterday, the grizzley bear was chowing down on a tiny herb in the meadow.

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