Another reason not to believe docs

I lost my whole summer due to very bad esophageal ulcer. When I say ulcer I know most of the people connect it with pain, but this ulcer makes me sick like as when I have a flu, it makes me fatigued, so fatigue is the bigger issue I have with it. After 2-3 months of being very sick, I've become so weak that I developed a bacterial infection - you know, one of these which cause sore throat, coughing and blocked nose. After being sick for 20 days I went to my GP. I haven't visited him for 2 years. I explained that I have esophageal ulcer so I don't want to take Bioparox (this is an antibiotic spray for throat and nose), and, being afraid that it can irritate the ulcer, and that I want to take antibiotic in the form of pills - I'm aware of the side effects of broad-spectrum antibiotics, but I don't have another choise. But he didn't agree and prescribed me Bioparox and Mucoplant (glucose syrup with plantain, for the cough), saying that Bioparox wouldn't irritate my ulcer. Well it appears that he was right about the Bioparox, but that made me forget to ask about the Mucoplant which is glucose syrup. Sugar is bad for ulcer. After taking only 2 spoons of Mucoplant, I'm very sick again. My ulcer hurts and I'm weak. I'm afraid that I may catch the bacterial infection again. And I'm desperate because I can't heal the ulcer for 2 years already. Now I'm so angry that I want to go to him and tell hime that he caused me another ... ummm ... maybe 2 weeks of suffering, but I'm so sick that I'm not sure I'll go.
1) If suffering from esophageal ulcer, don't eat/drink ANY concentrated sweets, even if they are remedies.
2)Don't believe doctors


So sorry, svet. This is terrible what has happened to you. One of my earliest symptoms, starting when I was sixteen, was esophagitis. Infection came and went through more than twenty years before I got a diagnosis of CFS and was told by the diagnosing physician that the esophageal infection was candida. He put me on a diet to inhibit the growth of candida, and that helped tremendously. Mainly I stopped eating sweet foods. For two years I was also on the antifungal Nystatin (tablets). Maybe you already know you have a problem with candida, and I'm telling you what you already know since you do mention that sugar makes your infection worse. Take care. Good luck.
alwayshopeful: I bought once but its taste was a little sour and I was afraid to take it, but as you remind me now, maybe it's a good idea to take it, thanks for the idea.
merry: I've done gastroendoscopy twice and I don't have candida infection
Anyway I'm feeling much better today and thanks
Started taking aloe vera juice. I don't notice any faster improvement but at least I now know that it doesn't irritate the wound (it's stabilized with small quantity citric acid), so I'll continue taking it.

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