Another failed job interview

I was on a job interview (again) 2 days ago. They told me that if they approve me they will call me today. Guess what - they didn't call. This is not my first job interview since I'm sick. I'm searching for a job for 2 years. I'm still able to work even that my mind is now at 50% capacity. But when I talk with someone 1)they see the fatigue on my face and 2)they see the fear in me (I've become totally paranoid since I'm sick). I guess I'm even scaring them, so they don't call again. I also feel very bad that at the age of 31, I still rely on my mum to earn money for me. This is my negative story for today, in case your negativism is not enough already.


I'm sorry you didn't get the job. Maybe it was because they had a million over-qualified candidates, and they, um, needed to hire a woman. They wanted somebody shorter? You never know why they didn't pick you, unless they tell you.

Anyway, good luck with the search.
Svet, I'm very sorry. You've always struck me as especially sharp and capable. Best of luck to you in the new year.
I can definitely relate, I'm struggling with all the limitations and lack of independence from this illness too and it sucks. Is there any kind of work you could maybe do from home that doesn't require an in person interview? I wish you luck in your search and hope you're feeling less down soon.
You know looking into jobs through government departments, which are long and arduous but more equal opportunity employers could be a way to go. I work doing disability care and compared to some people, im quite well qualified. Also jobs with higher turnover like mental health where it actually helps to not be fully aware of whats going on sometimes. lol. Good luck, it does all suck.
So sorry Svet, I have been through this kind of thing. It's more a function of how many people are out there going for the same job. But if you want to, you are quite within your rights to ring their human resources or the person who interviewed you & ask why you did not get the job. One time I was told I did not get a job because they already had someone working for them P/T who had applied. So basically they were fulfilling a legal requirement to advertise (Govt job).

My last job was not even advertised. I basically chose a company that I wanted to work for in some capacity, rang and spoke to the relevant supervisor, who then arranged an interview for me with a higher supervisor, who had matched my qualifications and experience to a higher position where there was an opportunity coming up. So I was just in the right place at the right time!

So it was more important to be pro-active in being interested in the company, than to wait for a job to be advertised. That approach sometimes works.

I have also been a manager & sorted through many applications. The one that stood out was actually submitted after most of the others. What stood out was the applicant faxed me their resume/CV, and showed initiative in RINGING ME, to make sure I had received it. I could hear that they spoke English, could communicate over the phone with confidence, they were polite & genuinely interested in the job.

Good luck in the New Year Svet!
Your welcome, Svet! I've been pondering your situation. It's hard to know when to declare your disability in this situation. If you need to, then you may need the help of some kind of government agency...well that's how it works in Australia anyway. Not sure if you have access to that kind of help???

Otherwise you are out there competing with lots of basically healthy people, for a start to get a job... then to keep it... to be treated be considered for promotion etc.

Either way it's hard. Is there work you could do at home? Or is it healthier for you to get out?
hope that you find a great job you sound like a very nice person...sorry i was late posting...i try to read a little at a time..usually at a snails pace...i loved working and i can understand how you feel wanting to find a good job...i miss work very much..i worked as long as i could after becomeing ill...i am very paranoid and i feel like alot of times poeple can look at me and see what i am thinking and feeling....i know thats not logical and crazy because ive read that and been told that...but i cant help it...i try to fake being happy as possible but i feel like it doesnt always work..

sounds like youve gotten alot of good advice...take care and good luck hope you get a wonderful job you love
I don't know if I'm about to make a naive suggestion, but considering your skills with web related things, could you get a part time job working from home?
There's some development since I wrote this blog post. I was working as a web designer for about 3 months but was forced to quit due to worsened health. And I'm not currently searching for work, but I hope that time will come again. Thanks for the suggestion.

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