Antidepressants - the universal treatment

Take them if you have:

obsessive compulsive disorder
chronic pelvic pain syndrome
interstitial cystitis
irritable bowel syndrome
esophageal hypersensitivity
chronic facial pain
functional gastrointestinal disorder
perineal neuralgea
neuropathic pain
temporomandibular pain
bulimia neurosa
premature ejaculation
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
seasonal affective disorder
residual fatigue after treatment of depression
functional chest pain
inflammatory bowel disease

p.s. Seriously, I have a strong suspicion that antidepressants don't work for any of these disorders. Not even for depression. I've tried them. I also suspect that the companies which sell antidepressants, pay for "research" in order to advertise their useless pills. Don't take them.


Add heart disease and old age, and anything else you can think of. It is becoming standard to prescribe these to just about anybody under a doctor's "care" as a coping tool. Scary if you ask me.
Maybe eventually they will find *some* illness that these pills actually help. Then agan, maybe not.

As for me, I don't have a Prozac deficiency. If I develop one, I'll consider trying Prozac again.

There is plenty of research suggesting these medications don't work any better than a placebo, sometimes not even as well as a placebo. But who needs research when we have such an effective propaganda machine?
They do work for depression. SSRIs are the only thing that helps me with that. I've tried just about every supplement and prescription medication. Antidepressants also help some people with pain. There are certain SNRIs that help with ADD. I know someone taking Paxil for OCD. It would be good to try to treat the underlying illness if possible and also use supplements instead if possible, but that isn't always an option.
they dont help me (with pain, depression, or other symptoms), in fact, in general, make things worse. i agree, many people (patients, doctors, friends, relatives) still seem to think they cure everything... still seem to think everything is caused by "a chemical imbalance", and that antidepressants will fix all chemical imbalances... and they think you need to be "on your meds". they have no idea how the immune system plays a role in so much of these problems. i am glad they can help some, but not me. i do wish people realize that there are limitations, and some are not helped by them, and accept the placebo effect/studies.
Serotonin-based anti-depressants (SSRI) are proven to be about 5% more effective than placebo. Basically, barely statistically significant. They are a fraud. Their effect is entirely psychological. Some people like stimulating properties (hey! more epinenphrine!!) or maybe sleep-inducing qualities, but please don't tell people they help anything else.
I've tried over a dozen different supplements and over half a dozen prescription antidepressants. SSRIs are the ONLY thing that works. I know the difference between placebo and effectiveness. If they don't work for you then don't take them, but please don't tell me that they don't work in general. When someone's severely depressed (and I know I'm not the only one) they can tell the difference.
We can't blame everything on Antidepressants anymore than we can blame everything on CFIDS/ME.
You can have other issues. I know people that have BI/Polar and could not do without the drugs for this condition. You have to be responsible and not take too much or become dependent. I have a son that has ADHD- He functions because of his meds and functions well. Before he was a basket case. All over the place. Everything is not Black and White. Unless you have seen someone who is BP and Depressed off of their meds-Give it a rest.

San Diego #1
Physicians can rec these-but I would see a Psychiatrist or Neurologist. I would not trust just an Internal Dr. to diagnose depression. These drugs do work if you are on the right one and the right dosage. for the right condition!!!!! Just because a company is making money on a drug, doesn't mean the product is defective. Do your research.

San Diego #1
SanDiego#1: I'm really happy to hear that antidepressants help some people. I've been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, OCD over time, and antidepressants didn't help for any of these. So I was really pissed.

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