Able to stick to the protocol, on the edge though

My current protocol after some trial and error. I seem to really need the Cobalamins now with very little folate. Every few days I take 200 mcg of folicin which kicks my ass. I know when I'm approaching the wall when I do not want to get out of bed in the morning. Extra sleep doesn't seem to help my situation though and it's better to get up on time..... but I reallllly want to go back to bed. This is my Alert to slightly back off. I'm just not sure what to back off of. Have been skipping the Multi but really need the other stuff in it beside the folic acid and Choline.

Today I backed off and just took a smidge of ACbl will see if that does the trick. I hesitate to drop everything as that seems to really wipe me out for a few days until I start to feel better.

I feel I am progressing on this protocol. My GI seemed to be in a battle for a while and now seems to have stabilized. At the same time I went through a period of heightened irritability and basically no tolerance for putting up with the slightest bulls**t. That seems to be passing coinciding with my GI normalizing.

I have been able to go to the gym about 3 days per week. My strength has been improving slowing, I have energy on some days, others not.

Current Protocol:
Jarrow (glass bottle) 1/8 Mcbl and taking about 1/8-1/6 of the Anabol ACbl first thing in the morning. Both under my top lip. I lay on my back to dump the Acbl under my lip.

Then 30+ mins later taking a Jarrow multi (133mg folic acid and 16mg Choline per tablet).

Also in the morning Magnesium Glycinate 400mg and about 400mg coral calcium.

Adding L-Histidine every few days, just about 100mg.

When needed: Taking 500mg of Ester C when I start to feel run down or especially when I feel my kidney area soreness in my lower back.

In the evening:
(every other) Fish Oil, MRM complete E, Beta Care All
(every) Milk Thistle
(when I think of it) Molybdenum, Boron.
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That's a neat trick putting it between your upper lip and gum (the powder I mean). What do you mean by Folicin? Do you mean Folapro/Metafolin?
Yesterday and today been feeling much more anxious. When I was taking the methyl folate I was on the other side of the coin. Not aggressive but more irritable. I'm gonna add back a small amount of mfolate tomorrow

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