Abcessed teeth and validation.

It wasn't out of laziness or anxiety that I hadn't seen a dentist. For the first few years I was too busy fighting for my life. The last time I'd seen a dentist was 4 years ago for a brief set of x-rays, but no work was done on the cavities because there were too many life-threatening things going on.

I knew my teeth were getting worse, and I fought hard for them. Problem is, I'm intolerant to any vitamin D supplementation or D-rich foods, which are pretty essential for teeth. I tried every which way I knew how, and watched as new cavities formed and existing ones grew deeper. The large ones would generally occur overnight - I'd wake up the next morning and what had appeared quite small was suddenly massive. Large, gaping holes that packed with food whenever I ate, causing screaming pain.

I did the best I could.

I knew I had all the symptoms of abscess. My jaw would swell up from time to time. My adenoid closest to one abscessed area would swell intensely every time I managed to get drainage going. The pressure on my sinuses was so extreme that I'd have to get myself upright and do a bunch of stuff to bring that swelling down. I had 48 hours at a time where I could not take the heating pad off my jaw for a second else the pain would become too severe. I had nights where I whimpered for hours under the excruciating pain.

And it all steadily worsened. Months went by, then a year. I was trying to get in to the dentist, but structural issues were interfering with being able to open my mouth all the way for work to happen. I knew a good MCS dentist, but the cost was prohibitive.

With all the structural work, I learned the importance of letting things drain, and whenever my teeth flared up I worked so hard on them. I couldn't get them to drain properly if I had too much stress going on, and anything sweet was a killer even if it didn't even touch my teeth. I used certain syringes to flush out the holes when floss could no longer reach. I learned that oregano oil and other antibacterial herbs and tinctures help. I learned to have a heating pad with me at all times.

And then the extreme pain began to subside, in fact, I began to lose all feeling in them. My goal with working on my teeth became to restore pain. Pain was good - it meant the nerve was still alive. Barely. I knew I was losing the battle.

When I finally made it to the dentist last week, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

As it turns out, despite my teeth being abcessed for so long, the abscesses are extremely small. At first both the dentist and I assumed the teeth would have to be pulled (we both agreed root canal wasn't a good idea in my case). After studying the x-rays of my roots, though, he thinks we've got a shot at saving them! I was pretty amazed, especially as it's obvious on one x-ray that over 1/3 of my tooth is entirely gone from the cavity, which has reached the nerve.

All this work that I've been doing has paid off with having a shot at saving them. Once the cavities are addressed, the tooth root will no longer be continuously re-infected, and then we'll see if my body can fight it off an heal it. He says my young age helps, and I think what also helps is my intensive focus on my healing path right now. I will, and have, cut off relationships solely to save my teeth, because I absolutely must have a healing environment. And this is validation that my efforts were not in vain, and that the long haul is almost over.

I'm also crazy excited about how much my health will improve with the abscesses addressed! I've been improving regardless, but having infection constantly fed into your bloodstream can't be a good thing. Every time I focus on draining my teeth I get pretty fatigued and general "sick" feeling (as in, flu sick).

Who knows just how much this might slingshot my health forward?? Not to mention improving my quality of life. *happy sigh* :)
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Hi Dainty, it is great that you have been able to make progress with your dental issues, can be such a problematic side issue. I had a brown necrotic second molar which was just a remaining shell for a couple of years I managed because I was too sick to travel and have the surgery; wish I knew about oregano/clove oil at the time though, may have helped a lot :) Made me quite sick at times.

Eventually I got it out, along with all my wisdom teeth now got the braces to fix structural problems (cross bite, overbite, narrow palates) and TMJ issues. Has been a long journey but slowly making so much difference. Anyone reading our experiences should really nip these kinds of issues in the bud, regardless if it puts you in bed for a month.

Cheers and hope you keep improving.
I had a car door slam on my jaw, and although my skin showed only a scratch, within a day the root area of my lower bicuspid really hurt. I tried applying a heat pack, and that made my pain far worse. After reading some on the internet, I started applying an ice pack to the area, and that was soothing. Subsequent dental x-rays showed I had indeed developed an abcess. After antibiotics and numerous home remedies, I thought I had resolved the infection. However, over 2 years later I developed a big pimple on the side of the gum over the root area of that tooth. When the pimple had come to a head, I would pop the pus out, but the pimples and pus kept reoccurring. I had no pain until the pimple was quite enlarged. I went to the dentist, who did a vitality test on the tooth, which I flunked. A CT scan confirmed that I had developed a fistula out the side of the tooth, where the pus was draining into. The center of the tooth was dead, though, and given a choice between a root canal and extraction, I had it extracted.

Now my abcess was due to trauma, not an infection, so maybe you can have better success. I suggest trying ice packs rather than heat packs. I also suggest you look into xylitol mouth rinses - 1 tsp. crystal xylitol to 1 cup water, swish in the mouth for 5 minutes, then spit out. Xylitol starves the strep mutans bacteria responsible for cavities. It's the darling substance of dentistry right now. Avoid the brands made from corn. Amazon has a brand made from hardwood trees.
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Something else that will kill the strep mutans is ozonated olive oil. Global Healing Center sells O2-Zap, made using the cold plasma ozone method, which means it has a higher oxygen content that those made using the coronal discharge method. Take a G.U.M. soft-pick and apply a bit of the ozonated oil around any teeth that might have infection or periodontitis. Some dentists also have the equipment for ozonating the gums. Ozone is very effective for killing bacteria.

Packing activated charcoal granules around a problematic tooth is also a good way to pull toxins out of the gum area.

It may be painful when you start, but chewing is a good way to increase circulation around an abcessed tooth. I chewed up a lot of celery, continually rechewing the insoluble celery fibers through the day. An oral irrigator is another great way to increase circulation to the tooth and gum area.

There are choices but really no good options once a tooth is dead. I hope your vigilance will let you keep the tooth.

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