A Record of Blessings

I've been thinking of starting a blog here for a while now, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to focus on. I could just write about health, but that information seems best reserved for discussions where it is relevant, otherwise it can just be depressing at the end of a day. I could write my thoughts on God, though if this blog was a bunch of preaching I dare say few here would read it. The main other thing in my life right now is helping out here at Phoenix Rising, which isn't exactly the kind of thing that belongs in a blog, and I have little cognitive stamina for other interests. So what to write about?

A friend pointed me to "One Thousand Gifts", a best-selling book challenging people to look for the beauty of life in the moment. The author had witnessed something horrific in her childhood and then grew up to suffer agoraphobia, and when someone dared her to write down a list of one thousand things she loved, it transformed her life as she learned to see God's gifts to her all around. And thus she began to trust this God who was so loving as to grant her all these gifts and to believe, despite the tragedy she witnessed, that God is good - good to her specifically, in her life, right now.

This blog is to be a record of blessings, of seeing that beauty amidst the ashes of intense suffering. I don't do fake happy. This isn't about trying to force myself to be grateful - it's about writing down the thankfulness already on my heart in order to remind myself and others that despite hardship that only those with our condition can understand, that it is a good life, well worth living, and, by God, I'm going to live it.


Hi Dainty,
I have also read One Thousand Gifts and have found it immensely helpful spiritually.
Although I have been practising thankfulness on a regular basis this book provides such fantastic encouragement and reads so beautifully too. It certainly has cemented thankfulness as a worthwhile and important habit to have in life.

As a result we have started a shared family thankfulness journal, recording all that we are grateful for (there are four of us) and then reading it out to one another.
It is the beginning of a season in experiencing joy and celebrating God's love in all the circumstances of our lives.

You may want to also check out Ann Voskamp's blog- aholyexperience.com
It has someone wonderful thoughts, photos and uplifting links updated on an almost daily basis.

I am with you on this- I don't fake happy, but know that there will be always something to be thankful for, always.
Thanks so much for your post on this important topic.

Bring on the thankfulness revolution!

Quite agree Dainty - lovely to hear - no glass half empty but very much half FULL. And thanks for all you do.
I can't believe the timing here! I just discovered Ann's blog and it is such an encouragement! Dainty, I look forward to traveling with you on this journey. Fake happy doesn't hold up to the onslaught that CFS/ME brings, but nothing can take away the deep joy that springs up in a thankful heart.

More hugs!
Snez, I love Ann's blog! I actually go there even just for that beautiful music, now there's a thankful experience right there. :) I cannot read books, but through reading around her website and watching videos of interviews I feel I have grasped the sense of how encouraging and beautiful the book must be. Thanks for joining me in this!

*hugs back*

Enid, thanks for the comment! Definitely half full. ;) Or a little more than half full...completely full? "My cup runneth over" comes to mind from Psalm 23 (yes, I amuse myself with Bible jokes...)

3CFIDS, no way, you too! This is going to be fun. I love how you put that: "...nothing can take away the deep joy that springs up in a thankful heart." Looking forward to exchanging thoughts with you in future posts and comments.

*hugs all around*
I look forward to your blog very much Dainty....I have a quote on my wall saying "count your blessings every day....and they will increase". It works when I do it and I often get caught up in the drama and frustration and whatever....I look forward to using your blog to embracethe blessings in life more....

Thanks for the comment, Cort! That's a great quote. The harder you look for them, the more you find.
If nothing else, this illness has taught me gratitude. Or was that just age that taught me that?

I just, apparently mildly belatedly, discovered your blog. Better late than never, I say. Not too late to join in, I trust?

One more blessing I can add to my list!

Thank you.
Not too late at all! The more the merrier! :D

I'm so glad it's a blessing to you. :hug:

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