A meeting or a Charade game


I was on Friday and last week with the worst brain fog to history. I was dragging myself and I was called to go into the office. So I did.
As I went in I was trying to keep a low profile, I had tones of office work (admin) so my brain fog was not much of a factor, I could do what I needed to do while sleeping if needed be.

But THEN IT HAPPENED. as I was walking through a conference room I was asked into a meeting. I had to explain a project I was doing. So I have 3 people there and I had to speak. OH MYYYYY was is painful, shameful and challenging.

So I get asked please elaborate on your project: I start yeah do you know the guy that sits in the hallway (could not recall words) they start guessing names. I feel embarrassed and say don't worry about it, as I go on they keep guessing and finishing my sentences out of desperation.

At 10min in I would of swear one was literally sweating, at this point this looks like a contest of guessing that the heck is this woman trying to say.

So I feel so embarrassed at this point there was this lady that she ALWAYS catches me in bad brain fog day (we rarely interact), the others are used to it but since I am so good at what I do they humor me.

So I am please mother earth finish this no more questions, or open up an swallow me, and I need to get out of here with the little dignity I feel left. One of the guys was I don't know determine to guess as if we are really in a game show. I am like really don't worry (for the love of God do not help me) so I am like this person also asked this and I try to keep going while the guy keep yelling names. I am ohhh DW is not important the important thing is the request about this and .,.............

I swear I can write a sit comedy with my situations and make a pretty successful show.:lol::lol::lol:


I had a phone call from occupational health and was asked what department I worked in. I couldn't remember, I was completely blank. The more I tried to think of it, the less I could remember. I had to just give my job title in the end. We did have a little laugh about it but I was so embarrassed. Further in the call she asked if I had any memory issues! I didn't think I did before.
About an hour later the name popped into my head!

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