A "bad" day

Edit: A couple hours after writing this I managed to get some rest, and as the pain eased I fell asleep. Since waking it has been only mild discomfort and adjusting to the new bite. My osteo did reply with advise to press on certian areas to ease hte matter but I was already asleep by then.

I'm in agony.

In the spirit of continuing my saga of sharing what life under successful osteopathic treatment is like I may as well cover this too.

I thought my teeth and upper jaw were done moving, but I was wrong. For the past 12 hours or so I've been alternating rest - which makes the movement more intense - with distraction, which slows things down and helps with the pain but just puts it off for later. Currently on the scale of 1-10 my pain is about a 6-7 when distracted and an 8, bordering 9 when resting. In the area where my wisdom teeth were taken out a year and a half ago it feels like my face is being pulled down to those singular focal points, with some pressure on the lower ones as well. The jaw pressure extends inwards on all my upper teeth, the two front ones currently so sensitive that carelessly biting down results in shooting pain.

I've emailed my osteo who will more than likely respond with specific suggestions on how I might ease matters a bit.

The nice thing about these sorts of bad days are that they aren't purposeless - on the contrary, they accomplish a great deal. It's just painful in the meantime. I mentioned this particular shift is "like braces but without the braces" in a previous post, and, well, it's happening a lot faster than braces. Which is generally my style of doing things anyway, but in the midst of that it's hard to remember at times. Headaches are also brewing as this shift affects other bones it's connected to.

Everyone around here knows by now that I speak highly of cranial osteopathy, but I think some may have the impression that it's just a nice little therapy that will help you feel balanced. It isn't. Though gentle in application this treatment moves bones, and if you have complex structural issues that's not always going to be a comfortable feeling.

On the bright side, I can already feel that my nasal passages are wider because breathing through my nose feels markedly easier and more open*. And who can complain about straight teeth?

*This is addressing another structual issue - I couldn't breathe through my nose for the first 9 years of my life, and it has been possible but limited in capacity since then. Maybe soon I'll discover what it feels like to have nose breathing come naturally...


Hope you feel better Dainty! I had a deviated septum and surgery that only half cured it long before I got sick with ME CFS. I could never breath through my nose. I was a mouth breathing geek. Well not completely. I now use those breath right strips on my nose and they are amazing. The more exspensive one called advancedn is worth it. They lift up your nasal passages and open them up from the outside. Good luck with your shift. Been there, done that.....no fun!
I can identify with the pain from braces--awful! Hope this gets better very soon. I am seeing a cranial osteo on Thurs--hope he turns out to be a good one.
Glad you got in for Thurs. Sushi, let me know how it goes!

Thanks, Xandoff. I've had some sleep an it's largely relieved, for now. Mouth breathing geeks, unite! Even though Imight be leaving the club soon....

Warrior, my osteo has not been able to keep up with all the requests for osteo recommendations so he's pointed me to another osteopathy organization and advised I contact them instead. At the end of the day it'd probably require some calling around different osteos and asking key questions to give yoruself the best change of seeing a good one.

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