2nd attempt at SMP

I've stopped again, woke today could barely get out of bed. Felt a tiny bit better after morning movement and took a multi. Slept another hour+. Second time I got up not feeling any better. Got some coffee, took selenium and a Jarrow multi-mineral. Was feeling somewhat better in a few minutes.

This attempt was using MCbl + ACbl + MFolate. (Last time was HCbl + Folinic Acid + mFolate).

This time like the last the first couple of days were beautiful. I was my old self prior to this onset. Even prior to that. I have been affected (IMO) my entire life since the first amalgam was placed into my mouth. How the most toxic substance in earth was ever deemed safe to put into the body defies any reason. But looking forward....

The 3rd day I started to notice I wasn't feeling as well, more like CFS normal. backed off 1/8 Mcbl + 1/8 ACBL, took about 1/2 Folapro throughout the day. I did get an hour of my peaceful mind back after taking some mFolate. The mind usually bouncing all over the place. Worried, fearful becomes peaceful and relaxed on SMP (first 2 days) for me. If I could just hold on to that I would be good.

The 4th day I decided to tone it down, just took a HCbl and 1/4 Folapro thinking I was backing off using the Hcbl. Feeling some pressure under the ribs on left side again, also bones/spine becoming very stiff and hurting like all the elasticity is gone. I'm suspecting that sulfur is being used up (maybe bound if mercury is being released during the attempt?)

During this time I was taking extra MFolate. I would take 1/4 Jarrow MCBL + 1/4 CL Dibencozide then throughout the day in 1/4s 800mcg of Folapro. Also sprinkle some potassium throughout the day.

The 5th day is today and I'm not taking any cbl or folate today...

I feel like something is missing from my protocol. There is either a supp or supps I could be taking to help me through whatever this is. The other option is to start with a very small dose and micro titrate up week after week.

Am I more toxic? I thought with methylation working better the liver should do a better job at detoxing. Which means it takes toxic things and converts them to less or non-toxic things. Just like how it breaks down alcohol finally into acetic acid which is something your body can use. The idea of impared methylation leaving us with a huge backlog of body toxicity doesn't make sense. I think we would all be dead from this overload. I suspect the body has redundant ways to do the same thing which is keeping us going.

I'm going to study up and see if I can identify other supps that might help for the next round.


Are you looking at this page -- http://mthfr.net/methylfolate-side-effects/2012/03/01/ ?

I'm going to need to start in on methylfolate myself again and am not looking for ward to the rollercoaster of effects, everyday an unknown, etc. I'd tried before and was wiped out for 2 days.

One thing on the website that he says is "If one takes methylfolate before inflammation is controlled, the methylfolate will worsen it."


But he recommends, "Consider 1 to 2 capsules of 250 mg of liposomal curcumin to help quench inflammation . . . One may consider taking 2 capsules of Optimal Turmeric three times a day during times of inflammation."

That would be a new one for me, but, I'm considering it. I also have a lot of stomach issues so I often have to avoid things because of that. For example the potassium supplements apparently are limited to 99 mg each because of the stomach damage they can do at high dosages (I'd formerly thought it was cardiac related), and potassium is key to combating a lot of the side effects.

Anyway, please keep posting on your experiences. I have not yet used a blog, so I will try that.

-- Victoria
Victoria, thank you for the note. I did see the side effects page. I'm wondering since the site is MTHFR that it is assumed the person taking has a methylation block. That is understandable then if the mfolate starts methylation.

I also read that about inflamation. There always seem to be 50 things you got to do first before you can get started (inflamation, mold, candida, etc...)!!

I think curcumin is a good thing to take. I need to test with it, I have taken it in the past with no side effects except I felt it lowered cortisol a little. The last time I took it I felt like I was having some bad kidney pain. That was on my first attempt to try to control what I thought was an inflamatory response.

Me the the jury is still out on potassium. I was pretty good about taking it during my second atttempt. Still ended up wiped out after 3-4 days. I did feel somewhat sicker on the first attempt. Not sure if that was because of the curcumin or not. Since I had my final 2 amalgams out last July all my symptoms have been worse. Last September I ate at an Indian restaurant and later that night felt I might need to go to the ER with severe kidney pain. I'm guessing maybe the turmeric/curcumin content in the food? I was very shocked thinking that might have been a food reaction. Also why would I react to curcumin in that way? I found nothing on google that indicated anyone ever had an adverse reaction to curcumin? Go figure. I'm going to start my 3rd attempt this week so hopefully my crash will fall on the weekend (day 3-4) :). Going to take very small doses of MCbl, Acbl and MFolate this time. If it takes me 6 months to work my way up to a dose I can tolerate so be it. At least it's progress!
By the way the blog is great. I have one at cpnhelp.org. It helps you keep a journal, organize your thoughts and helps you take notes for yourself. I'm going to start adding content and bookmarks from this site in some of my posts and comments for posts. I might have a blog post entitled "Bookmarks" that I just keep adding comments to or one each few months. We'll see how that works out.
Curcumin can cause an adverse reaction in some people for various reasons including being a Th2 stimulant, but turmeric is very low in curcumin. Even turmeric extracts that aren't standardized for curcumin are relatively low in curcuminoids. Turmeric (and maybe also curcumin) does have antibacterial/antimicrobial/antifungal properties, so high doses could cause a herx with some people, but I don't know how much turmeric they add to their food. There could be a lot of other causes besides that. Especially with restaurant food where you have no idea what they're putting in it. They do put coriander in curry and Indian food which is more or less the same as cilantro. Cilantro can cause problems for people who are mercury toxic due to it's ability as a chelator, but as I said with the turmeric I'm not sure either one was in high enough quantity to cause problems. Who knows? Maybe it was just food poisoning. Whatever it was, since you were probably exposed to mercury when your amalgams you're more sensitive to things than other people.

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