2 ER trips in one Month


I can't rate myself if I am better or worse. My disease keeps changing. And is a new challenge every time, By the time I get used to the symptoms they change and I get new challenges and have to figure how to deal.

I have a new thing where I start throwing up and cannot stop the gag reflex, I have read about this in the POTs forums so I know is not bizarre for my condition. I had the stomach bug first time and the second I got a cold and after 2 days of throwing up I got dehydrated. For me to go to the ER has to be a BIG DEAL, but apparently my Achilles heal is the dehydration, Anything else I can deal with, but is kind of hard when even sucking Ice will make you throw up. How do you keep hydrated???

I am trying to decide what to do. Something is going to have to give. I have a few options but I think I have gotten to that point in CFS where I have to decide what to do about work. I cannot afford to go physically to work, what tires me out the most, is getting ready (hair, makeup and so on) is about the amount of time (not time to pace) to get it all done, and also the getting kid ready and on time, and also the walking at work. Is too big of a place. I will stay more at home. Women tend to throw the towel before things happen, So I am trying to convince myself while they accept it as is, do not worry and keep giving all I can.

About family, I will cook less. I know I need to eat healthy and try to feed them healthy food too, but I am in energy deficit so some adjustments need to happen, I will see if that stops the new/shift of symptoms.

Another thing, I cant push for crap now. When I started CFS, I could push, now I hit a wall so fast and hard that I have no push capacity even when I am willing to pay with PEM. So I need to figure that one out. Since I am active CFSer is dangerous to be out and BAM!! I cannot even drive back to safety or talk or ask for help. And this is happening to often. I definitely need to cut back.


Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble. Re dehydration, try using footbath as a way to absorb some fluid. I'm not sure what, but there's probably something you could add to increase absorption. I use them for taking aminos, minerals, have written a blog about it. Or, if that's not effective, before going to ER, enema might do the trick. I've blogged about coffee enemas. In that post, there are many types of enemas described. cheers.

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