The plausibility of NAC inducing b12 deficiency or 'methyl-trap'

United Kingdom
My full stack has a fair bit of atp support too, or it should at least. Reishi extract 3x a day, r-ala 3x a day too.

Vitamin e and zinc in the am to reduce very high prolactin levels. No idea if this will significantly reduce them yet.

Currently taking 1g andrographis 3x a day too which I normally can't tolerate but I am trying it again because this stuff is amazing, got rid of some fatigue I had yesterday from a cold.

And the solar ray 24 strain probiotic is amazing, just took it thismorning after switching brands for a month (which went badly) and my depression/anxiety has lifted and I've got loads of energy. It also had an anti inflamatory effect as I felt my body relax.

At the weekends I take the b vitamins, but possibly if I add in cofactors it will allow me to take them without the tiredness and brainfog.

If that doesn't work lithium seems like a good shout.