Thalamus & Basalganglia


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I don´t know if this can be a relativ short intervention. It would mean that the lattice (reticularis) has been collapsed. It would be possible to help it by specifically supplement things that are needed there:

- 500 mg Tyrosin (->Dopamine)
- 250 mg VitC (--> Norepinephren)
- 250 mg Tryptophane (-> Serotonin)
- 500 mg GABA (it crosses obviously well eneough through the BBB)
- ?ng/pg nickel (don´t know if this is necessary -> blocking NMDR, elevating Dopamine)

It works almost fabulous (and progredient). Two or three times a day. (Tryptophane can be difficult for the gut and, without tyrsosine, for the brain, in my experiences).

If I wouldn´t have taken one single time an antipsychotic I now would be able to work for at least two hours a day.

In my case the progredient improvement consists of three interventions:
  1. This one
  2. Restricting manganese (downregulating iNOS of the microglia).
  3. Avoiding sugar, restricting fat a bit (upregulating AChE)
There is some hint that ACh contibutes to (high) nitric oxide. ACh is also elevated by nitric oxide.
(High nitric oxide would have caused the break down of the inner brain synapse working.)

Furthermore it is known (I. Baciu since 1945, and R. Ader 1974) that the nerves via hypothalamus influence the immunesystem. In a rough guess there is nothing not to hope for. Nerves are crucial anyway.
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Some additional points:

-- It would be thinkable to do a first day 2. and 3. and then 1.

-- I caused myself some gut issue when I took tryptophan and VitB´s (waterish burning and some opening tendency). Maybe the combination above reversed it. But the observation is not clear.

-- Occasionally I found two movements helpful. a) due to the asymmetry of the body, I guess, movements anticlockwise (arms, eyes or whatever), which would have a structural effect, and b) movements forward round, like riding bike.
-- There are also tinnitus masking sounds on youtube which to little extent sometimes can help to bring the nerves into the right directions. Warning, there is "Most powerful maskink sound" which makes stiches in the brain if you listen to long, in my experience.

-- I use a couple of times a day an anticholinergic, a teaspoon of tomatoegreen tea (but it´s not known if there could be detrimental effects). The effect is pretty pleasant.
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A short update.

Surprisingly it turned out that metals which are pronounced in these inner brain structures have a huge impact. It´s Selenium, Zinc, Nickel, Chromium and somehow Aluminium. I tested them seperatly and in combination. The metals can be found in chocolate. Huge amounts of chocolate might not be wise, I guess.

It´s in my case needed not only to serve the brain with them - while improving,

but also to free them, here the chelator Citric Acid (in lemons) works surprisingly well.

both accompagnied by VitB12.

My guess is that the metals act as readjustment of synaptical strucures in especially basal ganglia and thalamus, so it seems to be a bad idea to supplement them when you are on a bad track,
but a very helpful idea to supplement or chelate them when you are on a good track.
I am on a good track since three years by a low manganese diet. I wonder if this metal issue have been the main rate limiting thing. I am doing this now for four days.

I use half a lemon in 0.2l water
and thin cocoa water (pure), 0.2l,
after having drunken a bit of the one or the other I drink a bit of ViB12, three drops in 0.2l.

Additional help (in my case):

Selenium extra
VitB2 (FAD), Vit B1 (NAD+), Biotin
gaba+taurine, tyrosine,
I then got bad effects from tryptophane and niacin, as well from VitB6.

Maybe it´s simple like so:

reversing/observing an original (indirect) impact - if known...
(directly) readjusting those structures by these metals and VitB12.
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On top of my main influence, it´s all together now
(and rapidly working that I won´t ask for another disability in autumn):

1. lower Manganese diet (maybe part is that I now restrict protein intake, lessening manganese release from
... the liver)
2. in itself only a symptomaticly help: 250g GABA and taurin each, 2x/day, here addtional selenium (50µg)
3. redistribution of metals (when the circumstances are good, here overall good according to 1.)
...a) chelation: citrate acid (1 lemon in il water/ca. day) [using a straw]
...b) intake: chocolate, up to 37g/time (usually)
4. Vitamins: B2, B1, B7, obviously there are areas in my brain which (now) have a need, havn´t tested vit B5)
...(5, 50, 2.5 mg)
5. epigentical change: 150µg vitB12, in the 1l lemon water, similarly:
...half a drop of vinegar, hoping for acetylation, however, there is an effect)

- In the morning I start: GABA/ Taurin -> Lemon water -> Se -> Chocolate -> VitB2 -> (VitB1) -> VitB7

- 4. also after meals, waiting often longer to take in, especially VitB7

- 3. over the whole day

- in the evening: GABA/Taurin and Selenium

It´s good luck with the low manganese diet, and the whole thing works well.
Often I can think, and I regain my body. I was slowly expanding under difficulties, now accelerating.

I have described it also a few days ago:’t-find-the-missing-cofactor.76310/#post-2205094
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