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My MRI images for CCI/AAI/Chiari/tethered cord

I just had my upright MRI completed and I was wondering if anyone could offer some insights :)

I have numbness and weakness all over, but it is worse on the R side (along with fatigue, insomnia, GI issues, and PEM). I have not been evaluated for Ehler-danlos, but I do have noted hypermobility in most of my joints.

My images seem pretty normal to me? I was attempting to make measurements, and do see some tonsil herniation and the grabb oakes line could be pathological, but I don't really trust my own opinion in this area. Also- I don't want to feel like I'm grasping at straws.

I have sent all of my imaging to Bolognese and Gilete, but I just want to gather a few opinions so the waiting doesn't kill me!! Thank you all in advance :)
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You are right, it looks normal to me as well. Then again, there might be something that a layman would miss, that's why it's a good that u sent the MRI's to a profressional.

The only thing that stands out, is a slight canal narrowing at the C1/C2 level, probably not pathological tho.
I am reposting this clearer image of my one problem area


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