1. tiredgirl928

    My MRI images for CCI/AAI/Chiari/tethered cord

    I just had my upright MRI completed and I was wondering if anyone could offer some insights :) I have numbness and weakness all over, but it is worse on the R side (along with fatigue, insomnia, GI issues, and PEM). I have not been evaluated for Ehler-danlos, but I do have noted hypermobility...
  2. C

    Atlanto Axial Subluxation (instability between first and second cervical vertebrae)

    I'm wondering about the experiences of people who have this diagnosis, and what treatments they have tried with what outcomes. Was your AAI diagnosed by a chiropractor or by a medical doctor? Have you gotten treatment? What treatment? Was it helpful? Did the benefit last? What symptoms were...