Active B12 Protocol Basics

hi all,

just wanted to share what’s been going on with me in case @Freddd or any others have suggestions. i’m at the end of my rope.

in june 2017, i basically stopped eating because of idiopathic anaphylaxis. i survived on nothing but vegetable soup until about may 2018, when i introduced chicken. i didn’t have any animal fats or supplemented vitamins or anything. so, you can imagine what happened to my b12. i’m eating a fairly rounded diet now, but that hasn’t totally reversed the damage. if i don’t eat animal fats daily, i can’t sleep. and i still can’t nap, which is hard because i was unofficially diagnosed with narcolepsy.

in the summer of last year, i started supplementing with sublingual pure methycobolamin, from bio alternatives. got startup symptoms from just a single drop. but i could never titrate up high enough — not only because of the apparent potassium issue, but because of intense swelling. my veins would bulge and i’d be in so much pain. i do have a supplement (endovan) with nattokinase, and if i take this with my b complex (which i started instead of pure methylcobolamin), it helps with the edema. not the potassium, though.

i suspect i have some sort of trap going on as well. my b complex has methylfolate in it, which i now know is not the right form of b9 for this whole issue. a year ago was my last bloodwork (while i was still on m-cobalamin), which revealed elevated serum levels of b12 (>700). unfortunately, they didn’t test for MMA. i also had a urine panel that month, which revealed some poor hormone methylation. i have ehlers danlos syndrome, which is associated with methylation and nutrition issues. so, lol.

i’d been gradually doing better with occasional b complex and nattokinase supplementation (once every few days or so). then, the other day, i was feeling shit. my hormones have been out of fucking control lately, and i decided to see if vitamin c would help like it had in the past. well, i experienced such INTENSE numbness and “heart disturbance”, and taking my b and natto just made it worse. i ended up with spasms and weakness and increased thirst, so i shoveled 5 bananas. which helped somewhat. weirdly enough, cbd oil helps somewhat, too.

anyway, i’m about to start fred’s protocol, but i wanted to see if anyone had additional insights, especially re: the vitamin c, because what the actually flying f*ck????

thank you, big time!!!