vitamin d

  1. linusbert

    Vitamin D levels not rising after high dose, why?

    i had 6 month ago a real deficiency, vitamin D was 4ng/ml. calcium blood levels started to go low, magnesium and vitamin c were not tolerated anymore. now i took over the last 4-5 month roughly 600.000 ie in weekly dosages of 35000 iu. and it is now at ~10ng/ml . and they even measured 1 day...
  2. linusbert

    Cheap UV/UVB Lamp For "Natural" Vitamin D Production

    i read over this, and i wanted to share what i do because a 500$ medical UV lamp was suggested but not everyone can afford it. (I AM NO DOC, THIS I NO MEDICAL ADVICE, UV LAMPS ARE...
  3. Aidan

    negative symptoms after taking vitamin d

    Summarised version: taking even moderate vitamin d gives me symptoms similar to hypercalcemia (despite me not having that following blood work). I also have the same if if I eat a lot of calcium. Anyone had anything like this before? I wanted to make a post detailing the symptoms I've been...
  4. SWAlexander

    Recent studies: how well do antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers help with COVID-19, long covid and vaccination reactions?

    A Google quick translation Ingelheim (ots) - In severe cases of COVID-19, the immune system overreacts with an uncontrolled overproduction of inflammatory mediators, a so-called cytokine storm (Chen et al. , 2020). Mast cells play a key role in this. Mast cells belong to the white blood cells...
  5. SWAlexander

    Vitamin D deficiency: Health Secretary launches review to increase intake of vital nutrient

    A lack of the vital vitamin is linked to rickets in children, and bone or muscle weakness among adults. A new review will focus on the importance of vitamin D and how to increase its intake - a lack of which can lead to rickets in children, and bone or muscle weakness among adults. Around one...
  6. SWAlexander

    Reporting improvement.

    Maybe some of you remember me posting my leg covered with urticaria. My skin felt like a wet sponge and thought the layers will separate if I´m rubbing it. On Sept. 15th I received the news that my Vitamin D level is still borderline low after taking Vit. D, 2x a week 20000 I.E. With no answer...
  7. PatJ

    Bad reaction high dose to vitamin D

    I'd like to get some feedback about the problems I've been having after taking high dose vitamin D. I was quite stable for someone with ME/CFS but vitamin D has ruined that stability. The past month has been the worst for my health in years. I've been having more trouble than usual with...
  8. uglevod

    The dark side of Vitamin D supplements and chronically high D25 levels

    [2020] Higher 25-hydroxyvitamin D level is associated with increased risk for Behçet's disease Background & aim: Previous studies showed a vitamin D deficiency in patients with Behçet's disease, suggesting potential benefits of vitamin D supplementation...
  9. J

    Elevated Vitamin D 1,25 Dihydroxy and Low Vitamin D, 25-OH

    Hello all, I have an abundance of multi-system symptoms that seem to be some sort of chronic version of ME, dysautonomia, autoimmune or other "zebra" type issue yet to be diagnosed. Recently, an endocrinologist that also specializes in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (a hunch that I had and we...
  10. K

    Vitamin D sensitivity

    Hi, Are any of you sensitive to vitamin D supplementation? Taking more than 500 units makes me weak, dizzy, nauseous and feeling drunk. Even at this dosage, I feel tired. Is anyone familiar with this? Thanks.