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Sudden intolerance of medication and supplements in case of a spoiled MCT-based USP-grade Vitamin D product in germany


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i am talking about this from time to time but i do not think there is enough awareness for this topic.
in the following case a pharma quality product only available in pharmacy and with subscription had switched to a "new" mct source and people started reporting a strange taste and some even side effects.
(*and of course they tried to shrug it off as psycho like any responsible medical system should do *ironie off)

i noticed in general that many products i used to tolerate , i do not tolerate anymore beginning the last 2-3 years. it seams that more and more manufacturers are switching to "new" sources which are spoiled or impure or of bad source like Palm(kernel)oil, not enough to rise any suspicions because laboratory tests do not show the casual baddies like heavy metal.
in my case the problem is palm(kernel)oil which is one of the 2 common sources for MCT. one is coconut the other palmoil. every product which uses palmoil i do not tolerate, i get more allergy symptoms and also stomach issues like if its inflaming my stomach.

also some vendors use different sources across different batches, so people can get symptoms for the same product with one batch but not the other. it looks really weird and doctors and "experts" will shrug it off as psycho but its actually confirmed.

this palmoil is becoming a real problem, more and more companies switch to it because its cheaper and also more damaging to the environment (while claiming to be more co2 friendly something companies love to do it seams).
IMHO palmoil is not a safe ingredient and needs to vanish from medication, supplements and also food.
(there is another sufferer describing his weird reaction to palmoil down below)

but MCT is just one example, i noticed something similiar with glucose products.
so this is not a MCT-only problem. this can happen with any product.
and in this case its a pharmacy quality product, imagine what they do in uncontrolled casual supplements.

so if you do not tolerate one supplement or medication, it might actually not be the active ingredient you bought it for but any other ingredient or impurity one vendor or even a batch of the same vendor will have.
also its important to report any reactions to products to the vendor and pharmacies so they become aware of this.
and in addition i recommend to contact any vendor who uses palmoil in his products to call him out and tell them that those products are not on the shopping cart anymore.

original german:

google translated english:

Use case of another sufferer
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