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  1. linusbert

    Sudden intolerance of medication and supplements in case of a spoiled MCT-based USP-grade Vitamin D product in germany

    i am talking about this from time to time but i do not think there is enough awareness for this topic. in the following case a pharma quality product only available in pharmacy and with subscription had switched to a "new" mct source and people started reporting a strange taste and some even...
  2. lilpink

    Question wrt use of rituximab

    I have very long standing ME. I developed overt SFPN in 2011 after swine flu (positive punch biopsy). Presentation is severe neuro pain all over my skin (allodynia) and very strange reactions to almost everything in the environment such that I'm now running out of the things I need to survive...
  3. W

    beta blocker allergy

    I do not know what happened however after my decline in health started then I prodce allergies to different drugs , herbals, foods. beta blockers are one of them . I need to use them cuase I got arrythmias mostly tachcarydia however they give itching and red spots. Is it a sign of MCAS? I have...
  4. linusbert

    Capers strong against allergies and food allergies and allergic asthma?

    i just was researching things which could help against the increasing food intolerances, allergies and mast cell problems. "capers" are undermentioned in the forum, i just read one post recommending it - but somehow his (@xploit316) post went down in all the information especially because it was...
  5. Dan M

    Scheuermann's kyphosis surgery.

    Hi all. The curve in my spine makes my M.E. symptoms a whole lot worse than they otherwise would be. However after recently reading accounts about CCI/AAI I wonder if my spine is not just an exacerbator of my symptoms but an actual cause. Just wondered has anyone had corrective surgery for...
  6. M

    Help! Develop rashes when eating but all food sensitivities negative. Gut issues?

    I have been sick for a little over a year now and just a few months ago I started having reactions occasionally when eating. The reaction starts by causing my ears to get really red and hot, then my face, chest, shoulders, elbows, knees (basically all joints) becomes really red and hot. After...