beta blocker allergy

I do not know what happened however after my decline in health started then I prodce allergies to different drugs , herbals, foods. beta blockers are one of them . I need to use them cuase I got arrythmias mostly tachcarydia however they give itching and red spots. Is it a sign of MCAS? I have treid inderal, atenolol and metoprolol . any alternatives? these are the most known prescribed and suggested ones in my country.
thank you


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could be signs of mcas... or too much histamine.

the supplement and medication industry is switching ingredients. from bad to worse. or the quality of the medication got worse. sadly this is really happening, those companys switch ingredients, add more or less things, and usually for the worse health ... to save 1 cent more for profit.
for example MCT are middle chain fatty acids, usually from coconut (but can be others as well). a lot of supplements and medicine include this.
BUT in the recent years companys switch source of MCT from coconut to palmtree(kernel)oil. and this is much worse tolerated by many, including myself.
you will not even see it in the instructions manual, as ingredient is just listed as "MCT".. but due to the switch of source you might not tolerate it anymore.

your country has a hotline were you can report ill side effects including allergies for medication. please do so.