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connective tissue

  1. SWAlexander

    Exercise Intolerance in Hypermobility: Systemic Vascular Distensibility relates to exercise capacity in connective tissue disease (Singh et al 2021)

    A Similar Kind of Exercise Intolerance is Found in Connective Tissue Diseases, ME/CFS and Long COVID Results The study found that the blood vessels of people with CTD did not dilate as much as the healthy controls. The CTD patients also displayed an “impaired stroke volume increase”. As their...
  2. frozenborderline

    I have Hereditary Alpha Tryptasemia , what does this mean for my care?

    I have long had sensitivities to things like mold and outdoor toxins such as Mystery toxin Hell toxin Cyanobacteria Fire Retardant Associated Toxin There was always a lot of crossover with ME/CFS as being in good air helped my PEM and energy envelope more 5han any other treatment and...
  3. Jwarrior77

    How to test for connective tissue breakdown and their metabolites?

    Can anyone provide me a link on where to test for connective tissue breakdown and the metabolites that gets produced? I know hydroxyproline is one of them. I heard it can be done with labcorp. Is this test below the test that needs to be done? I see there is one that is plasma and there's...
  4. Jwarrior77

    The Causes of ME/CFS, POTS, and Chronic Illness - A patients opinion

    This is my opinion on the causes of these illnesses coming from a patient who suffers from these conditions. My opinion is based on my own experience, research from the top scientists studying this, and also other patients such as Jeff Wood, Jen Brea, and others who have contributed a lot of...
  5. CristianSerious

    Elastase 2 Inhibitors

    Hi, I hope this message finds you well. I have saw this presentation it seems a good hypothesis who emphasizes on the pragmatic part: Anyone tried Elastase 2 inhibitors Indole-3-Carbinol ? Horse Chestnut Seed Extract ? Streptochlorin ? If yes in what dosages ? or what are the dosages from...
  6. CristianSerious

    European/USA Telemedicine Doctors/Clinics familiar with peptides?

    Hi, I am interested in using peptides but want a doctor involved. Looking for a doctor in Europe/USA(telemedicine is fine) to figure out what peptides might help I can buy them myself no problem to get my hands on any kind of compound I live in Romania, Europe. I have a mild AAI with no...
  7. Jwarrior77

    Anyone try TRF 150 for collagen and joint support?

    Anyone try this supplement: https://shop.designsforhealth.com/trf-150?quantity=1&custcol_dfh_size=42 I found out about it through a doctor. Supposedly it's supposed to help with collagen formation and joint health. Thoughts?
  8. Jwarrior77

    Eosinophils and their role in Connective Tissue Disorders, Autonomic Dysfunction, and Mast Cell interactions.

    There has been increasing research on the role of eosinophils and connective tissue disorders. The eosinophils main role is fighting off parasitic infections, however they also play a huge part in allergic responses and inflammation. They release many cytotoxic and neurotoxic chemicals that...