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How to test for connective tissue breakdown and their metabolites?


Senior Member
Can anyone provide me a link on where to test for connective tissue breakdown and the metabolites that gets produced? I know hydroxyproline is one of them. I heard it can be done with labcorp. Is this test below the test that needs to be done? I see there is one that is plasma and there's another for urine. Which one would be best if this is indeed the test? Thanks. https://www.labcorp.com/tests/700068/amino-acid-profile-quantitative-plasma


Senior Member
i believe jen brea was talking about this on twitter sometime over the last week. she mentioned the tests you can take but i am not able to find you the link at the moment. it’s certainly on her twitter though, in either her replies or in one of her twitter threads. it’s a recent post so it should be quite easy to find