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amino acids

  1. C

    Poll on benefits of supplementing amino acids

    I thought it would be interesting to see how common it is to improve from amino acids among pwme. Maybe the ones that work could reveal something about mecfs. If you used bcaa or eaa mixes then just chose that option at the top. Only vote if the benefit was significant.
  2. SWAlexander

    Why do we take amino acids?

    How do we know which one of the 20 essential amino acids we need? What kind are we short and would benefit or do we have too much and could make ME even worse. Shouldn’t we have a test first before we take additional amino acids and maybe overload? This link explains some basics...
  3. Jwarrior77

    How to test for connective tissue breakdown and their metabolites?

    Can anyone provide me a link on where to test for connective tissue breakdown and the metabolites that gets produced? I know hydroxyproline is one of them. I heard it can be done with labcorp. Is this test below the test that needs to be done? I see there is one that is plasma and there's...
  4. Jwarrior77

    Collagen Peptides Supplements

    Has anyone tried Collagen Peptide supplements for help with their collagen and muscles? This seems like a good product...