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Wow.. i may be about to get some home help

The other day I rang the emergency mental health number I'd been told to ring when in emotional crisis at 6.30am being upset with how bad my family is (no support at all) and due to the severe insomina Im getting so at 6.30am I still havent been able to sleep at all. I get so so tired but cant sleep and then fall asleep when trying to do activities (I once fell asleep in the sink while doing dishes as i was so so tired due to lack of sleep). At times it takes me 48hrs before I can get any sleep (at the worst Ive gone 3 days without sleep, I start halluncinating and everything due to lack of sleep). This makes life hard to deal with when so tired and causes me to cry and to get quite stressed out.

Anyway.. once again the mental health people have stuffed up again.. the emergency crisis line did have my notes they'd sent to them but once again I heard "You shouldnt be using our service for this shall we ring an ambulance" (i was using them just for something to talk to as I was in tears over not being able to sleep and hence quite distressed and feeling down and really needed a pick up). The emergency line kept asking me why no one else was dealing with my case so I just had to keep saying Mt Barker Mental health had actually passed me onto them and hence why they'd sent them my file. Thou they had my file, they didnt believe the mental health service werent at all dealing with me or trying to help me, so I was told that so said they'd ring Mt Barker Mental health once they were open and get them to ring me back that day.

Mt Barker mental health didnt ring me back but did so the next day. (After I'd found out there was a mental health event in my town "mental health week" so I went down there and complained about my situation of never having any emotional support and being turned down by all the services even at the times Im getting suicidal at times). Anyway.. after I'd been done there and complained .. Mt Barker mental health rang (I dont know if it was cause they heard of my complaints at that public event or not.. last time i got their attention it was cause I'd taken my case to a reporter who was going to report it!!).

Anyway.. they rang and arranged to do a home visit today. I thought it was going to be another assessment in which they usually go "oh you arent suicidual right at this very moment or have depression so we cant help you!" (they usually do that even when Ive been in hospital days before due to serious suicide attempt). I allowed them to make the appointment with me at 11.00am knowing they'd be waking me up at that time (as I often dont get to sleep till daylight) so I greeted them at the door all zombie like and dazed and undressed.

Anyway for the first time ever.. they asked if I'd like home help etc and started offering 2-3hrs per week to take me shopping, home help and other stuff. (Im still amazed at this and wonder if they are like just testing out my responses or what.. in the past everything they've told me was lies). Anyway.. of cause I said yes (my boyfriend was here the day before doing my dishes which hadnt been done for a week and hence my house looked tidy while they were here... so im confused why they suddenly offered that). So now its just wait and see if they really will arrange something to help me or give me some support rather then just try to dump me onto other services which arent right either.

Fingers crossed that i may FINALLY get the support ive been needing for past 14 years.

I assume the fact I wasnt even with it enough to answer their questions properly (I often spent the first 2-3hrs if woken up extremely dazed so I probably was coming across as a dementia patient) may of helped.


Im kind of kicking myself as I forgot to tell them that I go without many meals even when Im hungry (often only have one meal per day) due to the need to conserve my energy, feeling tired or just not being able to motivate.

:( I do hope they are being serious and not just once again giving me some false hope they are going to do something to help.
Hi Tania, :victory:

The first words out of my mouth, said aloud, when i saw this blog:

"Oh, excellent!"

I am glad you might get this help. It is similar to the level of support I have and it is way past time for someone to take you seriously.

Please let us know how it works out.

Best wishes, Alex
I hope it works out Tania, and you can get that basic level of help that will make life easier!
I'm crossing my fingers for you. A few hours a week of home help could sure make a difference.
Tania, I'm so pleased for you. That's wonderful news! I'm not sure of the mental health service situation in your part of the world, but it may have been a matter of insufficient funding preventing you from receiving the vital services you've required. Have they offered any food services in the past? I'm concerned about your nutrition.
Tania, blessings ......real happy you may be getting help... your such a wonderful person who has needed this help and then some for such a long time!!! doing the ME dance :)
Mary Poppins;bt5907 said:
Tania, I'm so pleased for you. That's wonderful news! I'm not sure of the mental health service situation in your part of the world, but it may have been a matter of insufficient funding preventing you from receiving the vital services you've required. Have they offered any food services in the past? I'm concerned about your nutrition.

My nutrition is worst then it should be due to my situation. (I also have deficiencies even when I are able to cook and eat well).

Ive tried to get food services eg meals on wheels but with no luck (I cant even get a doctor to support my need of things like this).

It is partly lack of funding why I couldnt get mental health service help but a big part of all the rejections is
"you dont have any kind of mental health issue we deal with.. we dont treat chronic fatigue syndrome and as you have that and not chronic depression or something like schizophrenaia or bipolar, sorry we cant help".

(Id' be getting more treatment if I was in a place in which they believed CFS was depression but here.. I just get completely ignored).

Im still waiting and havent heard back from them.. and had a collapse today on the footpath outside the chemist while trying to do the things I needed to do. I couldnt even do my shopping and that was what I'd been taken out to do but by the time I went to bank and post office and chemist.. I collapsed and couldnt walk and hence had to be brought home.. shopping undone :(

I really worry what will end up happening to me.. I cant do my daily necessarily life stuff.
After a whole month.. well nothing is still not arranged and organisation is saying that they are awaiting responses from other orgs who ive been sent to in the past and thou told at first i would be helped.. then had my case rejected.

(Im thinking now that my GP may be behind all the rejections Ive had.. as I dont think he believes ME/CFS is a real illness.. not too long back he said to me "You are not disabled" when I asked him if he would fill in disability parking forms. He must be telling the orgs that too).
Wow! The whole situation is so horrible. I am really sorry about all the bad treatment you have gotten. That is so bizarre about 'we don't treat CFS'! Obviously your depression/adjustment disorder is serious even if it is a normal/understandable response to having ME. Hoping you get some help!!

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