Who is responsible?


lol in the UK, you'd be lucky to get some low level grunt done for wrongful death, negligence etc
look at the Phone hacking Scandal, Chilcot Inquiry into the 2nd Gulf War and way they made sure the terrible child abuse cases have all avoided ANYONE at the top getting done, or prevaricating so long all those involved are dead etc

alas that's way it is.
needs massive "sea change" or more likely an actual Revolution in this country to sweep the Establishment, the Old School Tie Brigade away, so the actual Rule of law can be applied, the guilty not get away with it and punished

Primary responsibility is the group of psychs who've acted as facilitators for this.
at least in terms of medical profession, of course they are really just "tools", it's a deliberate social/economic policy from the health insurance companies and a rising tide of inhumanity often called "NeoLiberalism", late 20th/ealry21st century corporate fascism and inhumane behaviour
their responsibility is harder to pin down, which is how they like it and how they set up their power structures (corporations, old school tie networks) and use tools/cut outs like the psychs

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