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Well it happened again.. rejected from getting services

My new plan of action is to document everything which happens in regard to services which should be helping me.. their rejections as a blog.
Im leaving a paper trail one can say to make sure when I take action down the track (a big discrimation case is brewing up here), I can prove all Ive been throu. (as i have difficulty with organisation and memory.. I always tend to forget those Ive had dealings with in the past.... 4 years of dealing with various people and orgs who should of helped).

On 11/11/11 I got a letter from Peter York. Peter has been put onto my case by the emegency crisis line which operates out Glenside hospital. They refered me once again to Mt Barker Mental health service which of cause refered me on cause I dont really have mental health issue... . then I got put onto Peter a clinical nurse, he's from Country Health SA local health network, Adelaide Hills Community Health Service Mt Barker.
(In the past I saw several Adelaide Hills Community Health Service Social Workers with No luck in getting services for me.. the last one I saw there severely offended me by telling me my memory was great after asking me questions such as my address).

His letter to me told me about CLASS (Community Living Support Services) based in my town which caters for all kinds of disability. The catch was they change $32 per hour and money for petrol on top so their clients get funded. So I need disability funding to get my needs met by the service.

Peters letter states in regards to the cost "I feel tht as you are a client of Disability SA and eligible for assistance with that organization, that they could perhaps meet part or all the costs involved in providing CLASS"

His letter goes on to say he contacted Mr David Felgenhauer of Disability SA at Victor Harbour who has confirmed that Im eligible for a service from Disability SA. "Sue Stuart of Class is aware of your disability needs and has your contact details. She will contact Mr Felgenhauer on your Behalf and try to organise the support you need".

Anyway.. after not hearing back from Sue (she did ring once but I was on way to a specialist appointment at time in an area which had no good phone reception so asked her to ring back in a few hrs.. then when i rang the org back myself after not hearing from her, they couldnt tell me who'd rang me).

Yesterday Peter rang me back to ask if it was all sorted out and reminded me his letter had the contact details and names of the people I was trying to get hold of. So I started ringing again. Rang Sue at CLASS .. only to be told Disability SA had said they wouldnt fund me.

I then rang David (Disability SA) to tell them once again I NEED support. Im so upset by all this rejection of me getting needed services (second rejection by them).. that I told him that one treats animals better then Im being treated.. it is sooo true. I think my comment shocked him as phone went into dead silence.. I thought for a moment he'd hung up on me.. but he then said he'd meet with me next week.

At this point I arent hopeful as they have previously rejected helping me after a home visit which was meant to be to organise what support I needed, thou I are a client of theirs (I was even worst at the time).

I have no idea why I keep being rejected for help.. no reasons are ever given other then I dont meet various orgs criteria (so i can only assume its all discrimination towards ME/CFS). Im to the point now and currently strong enough right now that I will be demanding answers on why they wont give me the help I need.

I need to be working hard to do this seeing Im at a better patch emotionally right now so a little more up to it. (physically.. Im housebound but fairly stable right now.. so good time for sorting crap out)

Someone on chat today said that in Australia there is also HACC funding available. So I rang CLASS again today to ask them why HACC cant fund their services for me. Sue thought (they werent sure about any HACC stuff) HACC funding was organised throu the local council and that thought that was just for the elderly.

Thing is the local council has been approached too by myself and also by others trying to get services for me.. and they rejected my case too. (Council has made that funding appear to be just for the elderly).

anyway..that's the latest of a over 4 year saga to get services for me. Peter and Sue from various services ARE trying to help me but without avail and say there is nothing more they can do. Peter has advised me to write to MP about being rejected by services.. so Im in the process of doing that too.


Hi, Tania, It really seems a case of one step forward, two steps back, doesn't it? Listen, I don't know enough to give you any good medical advice, but I do have some suggestions that I hope may help. First of all, don't panic. Remember the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. (Sorry, Douglas Adams) You are doing really well in gathering the documents you need. You are making progress there. It's wonderful how this site has shown us what tests we need so we can now request them from the doctors we can access.

But you need to get a grip and refuse to fall apart. Don't let your health drop as far down as it has before. Pull your head in a bit to give yourself more rest. For instance, I wouldn't be watching a film on television at the moment if you keep falling asleep in the middle. That's just guaranteed to upset and frustrate you.

Do ask your MP for help getting the services you need. Do find a better GP and ask your present GP for tests to find out what's happening to your health right now. And do plan ahead so you can pace the amount of jobs you need to do in a day according to the amount of energy you have at the time.

I know it seems ridiculous to insist that you have to be in charge and manage all the difficulties when you are so down, physically and emotionally, but that's how it is. And the fact is that no one else understands your illness as well as you do, so you just have to be in control. Keep in mind the idea of incremental gains, a little bit of progress here and there, and keep a tally of each task as you achieve it. Tick them off as you go so you give yourself a feeling of achievement. Above all, never give up.

All the best, Lynne

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