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I was just reading up on Jessica Flanigan’s take on the AIP (Autoimmune Paleo) diet, and followed one of her links to a”must read” article on Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous Goop blog on EBV.

Most people know of EBV as the Mono Virus. The vast majority of people come into contact with it during their lives, It’s extremely common.It’s also linked as a common trigger of CFS.

I was genuinely confused reading this article. This article reads alike a game of two lies and a truth. It sprinkles just enough factual information that the writer has the appearance of being an educated authority.

Who is the author, and from what authority does he speak? His name is Anthony William, and he’s a FUCKING MEDICAL MEDIUM. In other words, a con artist, looking to get you to separate from your money to buy his book.

The following list just BARELY touches on the mistruths it tells.

Lie: EBV causes Hepatitis C

Truth: There is a relationship in that Epstein-Barr helps Hepatitis C replicate and that Hepatitis C reactivates Epstein-Barr, BUT they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VIRUSES.


Lie: Lupus is just a viral infection of Epstein-Barr

Truth: EBV is but but one of many environmental factors linked to the development of Lupus, but NONE of the individual factors has been identified as a direct cause.


Lie:EBV is the actual cause of menopause symptoms

Truth: umm…menopause, ie, the cessation of menses and accompanying hormonal changes, cause menopause symptoms

Source: Literally any gynecologist or other doctor

LIE:CFS and Fibromyalgia are caused by EBV

Truth: Again, EBV is ONE of MANY environmental factors implicated. To say that CFS is the EBV virus is a GROSS oversimplification at best.


LIE: Tinnitus is EBV.

Truth: Mayo clinical lists well over a dozen different causes of tinnitus, the most common being nerve damage from loud noise or old age. EBV doesn’t even make the list.

LIE: You can cure yourself of EBV by following the instructions in his book

Truth: Goop is reprinting the works of a con man, and Jessica Flanagan should be ashamed for supporting this gross misinformation. Gwyneth Paltrow is a beautiful woman and a fantastic actress, and why people think that such attributes qualifies someone as a wellness expert is beyond me. Do we really need to look beyond her $64 “energy stickers” to see what a fake she is.

Over and over again, Anthony takes a hint of truth and twists it into this fantasy narrative where everything is caused by EBV, and he alone knows the secrets of how to cure it.

Very few things get me riled up more than people who take advantage of the desperation of the sick to make a buck. It is criminal.


Sadly, plenty of us will probably receive this "information" in order to help us. A good job on checking out the misinformation.

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