Stopped equillibrant 8/7/13

I stopped the equillibrant to avoid going autoinmune. All casaxie has been clear for a while.

I saw the CFS Dr. and I am waiting on results. Mostly all issues were the same and I am waiting on results. She asked me to try bioactive milk peptides for sleep. WIll se how that goes.

The rest the same, I cut back on the 10 min walk to try to reduce the crasha and go cycle I got going, I added a nap at noon or at least rest everyday and see if I can have more energy.

Work is harder and harder everyday, I got a letter from doctor to accomodate me so we will see if I can get them to work with me more. I am trying with all I have to stay working because I am one of those rare people that are happy doing what they do. I love my job and really want to try to keep in it. But at the same time is an unsustainable task. Hopefully things will calm down in the near future.

As I have been pacing better, I am less symptomatic.


I'll do that, too, then about 40 hours later, I crash. Guess I'm not ready for the walking thing. Passed out at Walgreens while getting my Pharms. That was interesting. I like how you handle your pass outs at work. I tried to stay working so I asked for accommodations and they impolitely showed me the door. I was working for the government! But some of the lifers can be a real nasty bunch. I'm sure I wasn't any help. My onset flu included a punch right through my frontal lobe. I lost my personality to encephalitis. I truly couldn't definitively separate self from other. I hid it best as I could. Because of a relative's neurological condition I was around a few neurologists, and they would listen to me for long periods with quizzical looks. Guess they'd never seen anyone who could switch subjects mid-sentence or use the wrong words all the time. Seems you've established a rapport w/ co-workers. I'm happy for you. Thanks for letting me share. Izola

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