Questions for the UK Prime Ministerial Question time debates.

Does anyone have ideas for questions which might be posed to the 3 Party Leaders during the UK election debates, which would highlight our plight ?

Questions can be submitted at :

This is a huge opportunity to achieve greater awareness of CFS/ME(at least here in the UK) if we can put together the "perfect question".

So what might comprise the perfect question?

A few thoughts:

  • needs to be short and punchy

  • makes the wider population sit up and take notice of CFS/ME as a "real" disease & the potential risk posed by xmrv ?

  • highlights the lack of biomedical research - in spite of overwhelming evidence of a pathogenic cause

  • enables the opposition candidates to embarrass the government for their failure to do anything

  • encourages the opposition parties to commit to a new approach to research

Get your thinking caps on people & sieze the moment, because this is too good an opportunity to be missed!



I must credit "Kati" for starting the thread about the Canadian Blood Service's reaction to potential xmrv contamination of their blood supply & V99's contribution to that thread, which prompted the idea for this post.


Hi - UK's 'action for ME' have produced a '2010 Manifesto for ME' for just this purpose and a copy can be obtained by ringing 0845 123 2380. Briefly -
End equalities in health care provision for sufferers.
Bring about a fundamental shift in attitude in welfare policy and practices re fluctuating illnesses.
See that robust scientific biological evidence of ME is obtained and disseminated across all government departments.
Guarantee that all sufferers,if well enough, have access to access to education and appropriate support to fulfil their potential.
Ensure that young people and adults with ME who are well enough to work have access to employment and receive appropriate support to fulfill their potential.
See that all ME sufferers receive optimal respite care, support and information.
Make sure that all carers of ME sufferers receive optimal support and information.

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