Propranolol seems to be working for my POTS

It's been my second full week of taking Inderal/propranolol for my POTS symptoms. I tapered up over a few days, and am still on 3/4 of the full 20mg dose.

The positive effects showed almost straight away. I have shown no signs of intolerance or major negative side effects (fingers crossed this stays!). I feel generally less exhausted, which is a godsend. I'm still being very cautious with my activity levels though.

It helps me sleep (like whoa!), but also makes me sleepier during the day. I'm unsure if it makes me grumpy as well (I'm a grumpy sleep/nap waker already), as I've had a minor headcold the past week and a bit as well. I'll keep an eye on that aspect.

I'll stay on 3/4 dosage for now and consider upping to the full 20mg once I feel like I have a handle on how I am at 3/4.


Great news! Apart from the daytime sleepy bit. Matter of priorities, I guess. Hope it'll continue well for you.

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