PACE trial

We have read the PACE trial report in the Lancet. The PACE study, GET / CBT idea ,is a repeat of the old theory that the ME/CFS patient is imagining that they are sick. Exercise and psychological consultation will make them better. The PACE study is flawed. The only waty to combat PACE is to intitute a careful research project showing the ineffectiveness of GET/CBT.
I urge the various organizations. CFIDS ME/CFS foundations and institutes including WPI and Action ME to fund such a project . The Psychiatric group can not be allowed to strangle patients and new research with theIr old theories
Derek Enlander M.D., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Lon)
New York


Thanks Doctor. Good to see you can see through their game-plan and are standing up against it.

Think many more people in general are catching on t the tricks recently. Not necessarily about pace, but governments treatment CFS in general.

Hopefully now it is just becoming a matter of how/who/when funding and genuine research is done outside of the normal (special interest influenced) channels that are keeping us so screwed up with Pace trial type research. We need to get from under the iron Grip of these special interests. Like the WPI has done, just do research without the influence of them.

ON another note. PLease consider dropping Obama a letter now that he mentioned publically (at a recent rally) he would ask the NIH about CFS research. Be good for him to hear directly from a MD.

Good to see too - I've never seen psychiatry as real medicine anyway (4 specialist Docs - other disciplines - in my own family). The stranglehold of psychiatric mumbo jumbo theories applied to sick people has to be broken.

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