Need a little advice on my symptoms please

I've wrote on here a few months ago about my symptoms of stomach pains. Tiredness, weight loss, off balance, bad co-ordination,muscle loss and nerves pulsating and general nueropathy. But yesterday I went to hospital to have a colonoscopy. It all come back as clear now there want a stool sample and blood test to see what's going on with my intestines eg Crohns or celiac or whatever. Has anyone had similar things like this before being diagnosed me?.. If I have celiac can I make a recovery? And would the symptoms I've had for over 18 months,which have got worse be from possible celiac or dysfunctions?... Please advice.


Josh, the best place to ask these questions would be on the forums rather than as a blog post. You'll get far more answers.
Click on forums on the tab above. Then, find a subforum that you think will be helpful. If you really want to discuss digestive things specifically, there is a thread for that. When you pose a question there, people will answer. Blog posts are just like any other blog -- you post here in order to write diary-like entries, or about something helpful that you think a lot of people might like to read about, but you don't necessarily think a response is required.

Also, to alert people whose attention you want, you use the @ symbol followed by their username. I found that you'd replied here by total chance!


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