My Experience with Olive Leaf Extract and links

I started taking 5ml of Barlean's Olive Leaf Extract 6x a day May 3, 2014 to treat a chronic HHV-6/EBV infection. I felt great for a week, all symptoms were gone, including the brain fog that hasn't returned once since. Then I crashed, hard. The crash seems to have been a Herxheimer Reaction kicking in, according to the research I've seen this told me it was working by forcing the virus out of my tissues and preventing it from replicating. When I felt good for a day I either consolidated or upped the dose. After three months of that I was at 20 ml 2x a day. I was very ill for that three months. Every symptom I had ever had cycled non-stop. Then I woke up one day and felt GOOD. At this point I added 2 90mg oleuropein pills from a local herbalist before bed. I stuck with that dose for a few weeks with very few symptoms, but was nauseous after each dose of Barlean’s (this started when I upped the dose the last time). I cut out the Barlean's and took 2 pills 3x a day, and was still nauseous after each dose. So it wasn't the Barlean's that was causing the nausea. I think I was just taking more than I needed. Yesterday I lowered my dose to 1 pill 2x a day and 2 pills at night before bed. I still have some symptoms, but they are greatly reduced in frequency and duration. I think I would be much better if I wasn't stressing myself out with full time graduate school, writing my thesis in a second program, and starting a part time job (all from home, when I try to leave the house I get panic attacks, PTSD). Keep in mind that the pharmaceutical antivirals take years to work too, according to one of the studies I linked to, an average of 2.8 years. This isn't a quick process.

This whole site is fantastic.

The Herxheimer Reaction. If your body doesn’t do this, OLE won’t work for you.

about anti-viral herxing:

This is the only study I’ve found that says OLE can cause liver damage. It takes a LOT to do it though, far less risk than the pharmaceutical anti-virals.

I haven’t gotten through all of these yet, but what I saw was really good. Scroll down to the english videos:


Thank you. Rest, you're so funny! I think I can fit that in sometime at the end of July when I graduate. You are right though, I desperately need it.
Not anymore. I did for years though, and it did help with some of my symptoms, but I haven't needed them for a few months.

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