My AZT + RAL Trial

goldiland;71188 said:
Sue... Klimas is impossible to get in touch with outside of scheduled appointments.. I've been her patient for over 10 years and it is one of the few bad things about Nancy. You can certainly try to call her assistant and give it a go... her name is Marta Gonzalez and her number is 305-243-3291. Dr. Lina Garcia is also an option... she is a young physician at UM in the immunology/CFS group and has access to Klimas. I've been part of some of the CFS studies that Klimas's group is running and Lina heads most of them up. Her number is 305-243-1568.

Leaves is right that getting an appointment at her CFS clinic shouldn't be a long wait.... she basically has physicians that she has trained herself and acts as advisor/consultant on each case. I see her at the University of Miami and the waiting list for new patients is a year, so clinic is the way to go. The only problem with the CFS clinic is that I believe it is out of pocket.

Leaves, I was on immunovir for about six months and went off in March 2009... I am still an 8, hoping for even more. I still have daily symptoms but compared to many of us, have no right to complain. Klimas now has me on immpower (AHCC), CoQ10 - Ubiquonol 200 mg and wants me to start taking a glutathione precursor (MaxGL) once I get up to 300 mg of CoQ10 in another month. I've also been on Xyrem for about a year and a half and as I've gotten better, I've been able to a) reduce the dose to once a night and b) often been able to sleep well on my own without Xyrem. I think I posted some info on immunovir on one of the threads regarding Klimas but feel free to contact me if you need more info.



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