My Autobiography

When my body aches and I'm so full of fatigue, I think to my self, why? Why can’t I get up and pick up my son who is crying?
Since I’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) the question why has been running through my head and it's been running for over seventeen years.
In the past it has made me feel like my spirit in life was slowly being crushed by this illness.
It made me feel useless, and an interference to everyone around me, never mind that all my dreams in life had been taken away one way or another by this disease.
And now, since going back to writing this book, I have an eye disease that is progressing fast; without the necessary procedures and the cornea transplant, I will lose a lot of my eyesight and potentially go blind, to a certain degree.
But then I look into my children's eyes and I know, no matter how difficult a simple task for me is, I have a purpose in life, because I am somebody's mother.
My children need me to survive. They depend on me, unlike how it has been for me, for the past ten years; me depending on everyone.
And though at times I struggle from day to day I can honestly look back and see all the blessings in my life.
My children give me hope.
This is my story.
I dedicate this book to them.

Jackson, Thomas, Elizabeth, Joseph, Samuel,Lucas
“Being a mother is so important to me, it's one of God's most precious gifts and I plan to cherish every moment of motherhood in my heart forever”

Allison J Brown

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