Low Sulfite--high uric acid --need help

I have lot of ongoing symptoms and since its very hard for me to lose weight.
I am on 600kcal diet from long time. and recently I did all my test where it reveal that I am low in iron, nitrogen and DHEA but my uric acid is on normal high side.


My serum Zinc is on higher normal side but its more toward bio unavailable. My symptoms are related to overmethylation (low serum histamine) as I am not sure of pyrrole as my test didn’t show up this disorder. I tested my urine sulfite and its 25/1000 by using these test strips.


The Defect(s) in my Sulfur Metabolism


I can easily recall my dream and it’s more toward excessive dreaming. I am confused for one thing that even my serum B vitamins are in good range but when reviewing them at cellular level they are deficient.

My problem is more related to cellular membrane problem. Due to gene defect, as I am low in cellular b12 and serotonin as well.


Even my histamine was in normal low level at serum but at cellular level it become extremely low. These days’ my symptoms are given as follow.
1. Extremely tired
2. Feeling cold
3. Water retention and unable to lose weight (my water intake is one glass a day from long time) I feel full when consume 3 cups of water or food together.

I noticed my cellular Arginine was in normal high range and I have problem breaking down it further as may be related to NO/NOO syntheses or b3 deficiency. My cellular potassium is very low so you think GABA diet or Blood Brain barrier diet will improve it.

At cellular level I am going toward pyrrole disorder? My serum homocysteine is in ideal range but at cellular level it’s very low. May be its relate to SAM that isn't recycled; where does that go? It goes to make cysteine, glutathione, taurine, and sulfates. That pathway is very dependent on vitamin B6 coenzyme. I have sulfur hormones deficiency including serum iron and Ferittin are very low with DHEA and low nitic oxide, low homocysteine and urine sulfite range are 25/1000.

Serum hormones blood------Urine hormones compare results – blood capillary hormones
1. Thyroid high ----- Blood spot-low

2. Carnitine low ------ Carnitine high

3. Copper - high ------ Copper (hair analysis low)

4. B 12- high ------ B 12 low

5. Zinc high-serum ------- Zinc (hair normal low)

6. Iron middle range -------- Ferritin – low serum plus low hair

7. Calcium serum ok --------- Calcium hair high------Calcium urine low side
Fact never took Cal my entire life + Mag

8. Folic Acid - low--------- Folic Acid RBC normal low

9. Magnesium ok ---------- Magnesium RBC normal low
10. Potassium OK --------- Potassium very low-Hair
11. Cortisol toward high -- Cortisol urine ok

12. Anti diuretic hormone high

13. Aldosterone low

14. Spo2 99%
15. Fasting sugar 99 on 40 g carb diet
16. TH2 dominance

Urine Ph usually 5.5 to 6
In morning it remains same so it relate to glycolisis
I read that Sodium/potassium pumps located in the cell membrane. Potassium relates to cell membrane function and proper enzyme activity. Low potassium within the cell may cause abnormalities in many biologic processes; including the cell volume, acid-base balance, production of RNA and Glycogen, and dramatically reduces the ability of the cells to support muscle contractions.



I started Dr Amy Yasko protocol but for CBS problem as everyone need to avoid sulfur and it makes my symptoms of hyperventilation worse.

How can your protocol help me and why my urine sulfite level are 25/1000 range.
How to improve low PST pathway and I am looking forward for help.


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