From My Commonplace Book - 57

Nine Senryu by Nine Japanese Women

Running down the giraffe's neck the orgasm

- Seino Chisato

Deeper deeper into the night OO atop the waves

- Ito Masajo

Savage love's what I want I say smokestacks

- Tokizane Shinko

Though hugging each other my back suddenly feels cold

- Mayumi Akiko

The snow's falling the snow's falling these two breasts

- Kuwano Akiko

Walking side by side the warmth on the side where you are

- Oishi Tsuruku

Having a lover unbutton me early summer

- Matsuda Kyomi

Love is when the peach quietly goes on ripening

- Hasegawa Hiroke

When vermilion peonies collapse I hug fire

- Onishi Yasuyo

Although senryu is a short poetry form similar to haiku, with three lines and less than seventeen syllables, the translator, Hiroaki Sato, chose to format each poem as one long line. Senryu focuses on people and is often humorous while haiku is usually about nature. Bareku is the term for erotic senryu.

The poems above are from
Japanese Women Poets: An Anthology.


I like Haiku as I like nature. Issa is one of my favorites:

The turnip farmer rose
and with a fresh-
pulled turnip . . .
Pointed to my road

This one I relate to, as I sleep with 10 cats:

I must turn over . . .
beware of local
Bedfellow cricket!

I often observed this of flies that landed on he rim of our backyard pool:

Oh do not swat them . . .
unhappy flies
Wringing their thin hands

On the death of his child:

Dew evaporates
and all our world
is dew . . . So dear,
So fresh, so fleeting

in the dragonfly's eye

There are other lovely haiku by him but I can't fin dthem online.

the cool breeze
fills the emptiness of heaven
with the voice of pine trees

~ Onitsura

Here's one I wrote (we Americns are not too slavish with the 5-7-9 rule):

Autumn night drizzle
Cars swishing past
wet tires sounding
like sticky paint rollers.
Hi, rydra_wong.

Thanks so much for contributing the exceptionally lovely and clever haiku, including one of your own. I like your simile: "wet tires sounding/ like sticky paint rollers."
I much enjoy the haiku Merryy - a little bit past the erotic (age ?) - but much enjoy the sweetness of the others.
Makes me realize how poetry can jerk me out of my everyday existence as few things can. :)

Thank Merry and Rydra

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