Finally, a solid diagnosis

I recently went to my follow up with Dr. John Chia. I had new blood work that suggested more than what was previously revealed. But, in my gut, I knew after 6 1/2 years I wasn't going to get to the answer if i stayed in his practice.

I needed another opinion. Because, I was at my emotional & physical limit. Pain, frustration, anger, confusion...I needed answers. NO MORE educated guesses. No more try this...and come back in 3 months.

When Dr. Chia wanted to prescribe anti-depressants due to my "passionate cries of help" it was a light bulb moment for me. The 8 months waiting for an appointment with Dr. Chia were not exactly in vain but I knew in my heart, I needed another perspective. Being pissed off & frustrated does not mean depression. I am a pretty spirited gal and his "quick fix" anti depressant rX did not settle well with me.

Thankfully, I know I am not depressed. The situation sucks..but I truly just want help and to be heard. I want compassion and to feel like my doctor has a interest in my healing. And, that although I am quirky & witty gal, he or she never wants to see me walking back into the door of their office again. Ever.

In my panic of "I need help now", I called a local Rheumatologist. I went to The Institute of Specialized Medicine in San Diego and 18 vials of blood later, I received answers to years of questions. The expertise & tools used to correctly diagnose and get answers in plain black and white are remarkable.

Lyme disease, 3 type of pneumonia bacteria and a rare genetic marker that is prevalent in men. These are answers I wouldn't have gotten if I would had gone to a medical facility that wasn't focused on diagnosing and treating rare conditions. I finally feel like a new chapter is more searching. This could all be the foundation of my health issues.

(Side note: I had been tested for lyme 6 1/2 years ago...but it was the wrong tests & nothing came it was dismissed. Huge mistake.)

The bright side of this is that there has been tiny daily improvements due to plaqeunil and antibiotics. Not leaps...but markable improvements with pain and inflammation. I still keep to my crazy, clean diet and holistic ways. It feels right to me.

I am also currently speaking with a stem cell surgery center in La Jolla, CA called Stemgenex to try their treatment for Lyme & autoimmune issues and I have a follow up in 2 weeks with Dr. Shiehkman at Institute of Specialized Medicine. Moving in the right direction feels so nice.

Will update.

Take care.


this is great news, and I used to live in San Diego myself. If you dont mind me asking, what were your strongest symptoms? I am pretty sure I do not have ME/CFS as per the criteria, but I was treated earlier this summer with ABX for an unrelated problem at the same time that I suspected Lyme. I felt better on ABX, then crashed later due to emotional trauma. I am now coming back to the Lyme possibility, but I am also skeptical, as I never had joint pain or any flu-like symptoms, just an immediate onset of some neuro stuff, then brain fog and tiredness coming in later. Now, I got some funny other stuff going on beyond that, but as I said, in July, ABX helped tremendously
Lyme will not come back positive in a lot of cases unless you test through IgeneX, sometimes even there you can be negative if your immune system is overwhelmed, no anti bodies. I was barely showing strand activity specific to lyme. A lot of the time they make a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms and history, Glad to hear you got the answer you needed, and now the help to recover. :)

If you ever feel you cannot tolerate antibiotics there are plenty of natural treatments you can use. Stuff like Buhner, Cowden, Dr. Zhang, and Bryon White protocols work wonders.
So gad for you. This year my health has got worse again and I am now severely affected, despite this I have decided to really search for the cause. I have seen De Meirleir (Chlamydia pneumonia, Bartonella, possible Lyme and immune system haywire), a rheumatologist (POSSIBLE lupus or sjogrens) and now will be seeinga toxicologist as I have had a possible allergic reaction to three different abx in sifferent classes - I am NOT going to give in without a fight! if nothing comes of the testing and treatment then I will try and give in to a new life gracefully. I have been sick to various degrees for 20 years. Glad you are getting somewhere.
Answer are nice. I hope these allow you to move toward recovery. Best wishes.

PS I have been saying for a while now that you only find the right answers if you ask the right questions.
Don't you find it interesting that the Lyme always come up when you search on the internet in these matters (autoimmun,CFS etc..)?It seems that everyting is related to it. I also came to this point that my symptoms caused by a bacteria, Lyme or other Bartonella per es. What cause CFS/ME? No one knows! Maybe an infection which can hide is behind of it! Lyme maybe. I think its very logical. I also took AB and my symptoms got better. I had in April sudden dry eye,mouth,I lost 8 kilos,I had brain fogs, tinnitus, headache, anxiety-panic attacks.All of it strats with a strong facial flush, did anyone experienced this?My eyes and my mouth and my face burned. And the continous sore throats.
I had the stem cell treatment from Stemgenex in November & if I had to do it again, I would pass. It helped with muscle pain a tiny bit but that's all. Not the magic it's cracked up to be.
Still being treated for Lyme with high titers of Mycoplasma pneumonia, chlamydia pneumonia & found out today that EBV is super high (again). Dr. added Devils claw to my herbal supplement protocol & I wondered how they kept Satan still enough to trim his nails for little ole me.
I am focusing on getting toxins out & I find it entertaining to research what chemicals the beauty & food industries are able to sell us.
I've started the following:
**Hot bath detox w/ Epsom salts, baking soda & hydro peroxide or Mustard bath (Amazon). Very hot for an hr.
**Making Natural deodorant. Google armpit detox & homemade deodorant recipe (coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot) It's super easy, takes 2 minutes & is the only natural deodorant that has ever worked for me.
**Gerson therapy (a very modified, intuitive version) Mucoid plaque is real folks. Tons of info/videos online regarding process.
**Continuing w/Institues of Specialized Medicine & feel like I'm in good hands. I take around 30 herbal supplements per day. meds: Plaquenil, azithrymycin & Ambien. Today, I discontinued Asacol & started Mobic. Next week, starting an iv antiviral (10 days) then oral Valtrex. I will continue to update while on this very bumpy & confusing road. All my best to you on your journey.

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