I wonder if the Superman story is an attempt to deal with the mystery of ME.

Superman is clever, strong, agile, quick-thinking and he sees really well.

Clark Kent is bumbling, awkward, clumsy, inept and has to wear glasses to see properly.

The parents are not related by blood so we cannot see if there is any genetic link - so that issue is avoided.

Kryptonite is the "factor X" - some unknown thing that makes superman ill.

It has no affect on other people though.

Superman is often usually horizontal - flying.

Superman only happens when Clark Kent puts on hishead to toe COMPRESSION GARMENT BODY SUIT.. Did he know something we don't ?

But even superman cannot stay in his strong state for long and always comes crashing back to earth as...

Clark Kent ...who has trouble standing up and even coping. He is clumsy, confused and has vision problems.

I used to think Kryptonite was a metaphor for gluten when I thought gluten was causing all my problems.

Now I wonder if the factor X is standing upright and that is what makes some of us so ill.

For more see this thread for why some think this might be the case.



He he ... good one Heaps.. He even looks a bit like him... or is that my imagination !

Or my X-ray vision playing up....?
If only Mrs Rochester (Jane Eyre) and Miss Havisham (Great Expectations) had had compression garments they may have been out and about - maybe even superwomen - instead of " mad women in the attic".
Oh, and Superman can never be super for very long; even without Kryptonite he comes crashing back to being bumbling Clark Kent after every short stint in the sky... sounds so familiar.

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