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couple vocabulary words that might apply to ME/CFS

Sorry really sick today so not going to add much commentary.

I can't read very much, so no doubt many of you are much more informed than I am! I just pick up bits and pieces of info from articles or videos, and do my best to, sort through what I perceive to be the bogons in the process then, post them. :eek:)

A good term I learned yesterday was "cognitive dissonence". It is a staple of the skeptics community.

"Cognitive dissonance is the mental conflict that people experience when they are presented with evidence that their beliefs or assumptions are wrong.

I learned it in a video yesterday about 911. It was a term used by psyhoclogists to why people can't believe that the trade center buildings were a controlled demolition, even after a number of engineers and scientists have provided piles of evidence supporting the fact the world trade cneters are probably a controlled demolition.

20 minute interview with psychologists on cognitive dissonence regarding events on 911.


Another useful term to understand CFS history and why our governments don't seem to want to help save lives.

useful idiots:
Term invented in Soviet Russia to describe people who blindly supported the likes of Lenin and Stalin while they committed atrocity after atrocity.


Interesting one mark - cognitive dissonance - a model I learned from my Psychology module at University - and does not apply to us !

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