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Quote of the Day! very timely I might add....

"The ruling class has the schools and press under its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses."

Albert Einstein, letter to Sigmund Freud, July 30, 1932


And now we have the press telling us that the schools are broken.


It looks to me like the schools are doing exactly what they are designed to do: stamp out compliant, non-thinking workers who will do what they're told without asking questions.

If you're a member of the ruling class, what could be better?
I heard yesterday Albert Einstein (brilliant as he was) may not have quite solved what is the accepted basis of physics - nothing travels faster than the speed of light yet at Cern sub particles are now found to do that (if the scientific community can replicate and agree). Science and discovery moves on like so much which is "passee" eg Freud and his mumbo jumbo.
Maybe Albert Einstein was a conspiracy theorist!!!! :D

Shoot! Maybe somebody needs to go back and check the math on the nuclear bomb design.......???

But seriously, I saw the article. Be interesting to see what the implications are.
My post was intended to be a peaceful protest against what I perceive as a recent influx of forum insurgents that seem to be on a public relations blitz against the XMRV findings.
Secondary schools do little to build self-esteem and much of how they function erodes it; they are there to foster compliance. What struck me when I became ill with ME and was so vulnerable was how much medicine did the same.

In common with most I was treated as a pariah, a time waster; disbelieved and abused. The emotional climate was designed to belittle and remove personal power and self esteem. All that I had achieved in my life was suddenly as nothing, I felt like a criminal, less than zero.

Much of my journey back to health has involved challenging this oppressive view. It's a battle for civil rights; and when have the powerful ever given their power away?

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