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Department of Homeland Security: Media Monitoring

In February 2011, the Department of Homeland Security announced that the agency planned to implement a program that would monitor media content, including social media data. The proposed initiatives would gather information from "online forums, blogs, public websites, and messages boards" and disseminate information to "federal, state, local, and foreign government and private sector partners." The program would be executed, in part, by individuals who established fictitious usernames and passwords to create covert social media profiles to spy on other users. The agency stated it would store personal information for up to five years.



Thankyou for bringing this out in the open.

It's important to understand what is going on, but even more important not to be intimidated into silence. Intimidation is the real reason for all the spying, and the real reason for torture as well.

A population that is afraid of everything and everybody is easier to control, and it takes fewer bullets and prisons.

There's an old labor song that goes, "You ain't done nuthin' if you ain't been called a Red." Personally, I would be proud to think that the gubment is so afraid of lil ole me that I have my very own FBI file. However, I expect it would be rather dull reading, especially since I became ill.
There are very legitimate uses for such information. I do agree though that for an advocate this should not be a reason to be intimidated. However, an advocate for a cause has a reason to not promote violence. Personally I think violence makes causes harded to fight for, not easier. The only way violence has ever worked, from my understanding, is to eventually bring the interested parties to the negotiating table in good faith - but it takes decades to do so at least. Why not start at the negotiating table?

Bye, Alex
PS Don't be fooled into thinking this has not been happening to some extent for years.
Hi alex, I don't understand how the original post or the comments 'promote violence', either explicit or implied.

Would you care to elucidate?
Hi jimells, I did not claim the original comment promotes violence. The purpose of tracking blogs, given by authorities, is to track potential sources of violence. So my point was to explain why the authorities consider it important to do so. Thus they monitor everything from email to blogs. It had nothing to do with the original post itself, but was about the topic of the post, and was a caveat to my own comment that we should not be intimidated. Bye, Alex
UK Metropolitan (London) police have recently been exposed grossly wasting resources on ludicrous "undercover" operations on various envicornmental and protest groups, with no links to terrorism or crime
Worse, undercover cops have acted as agents provocateurs (pushing peaceful protestors into criminal acts), and conspiring with prosecution to cover up evidence of wrongdoing and plaitniff's innocence.
oh, and we're nto talking acts of terrorism, drug smuggling or violence, talking about "tresspassing" and other such minor crimes.

Meanwhile, we have terrible threat not from terrorism, which is vastly smaller danger to that of organized crime: people smugglign, sex slavery; weapon smuggling, assassinations and street shootings, etc


Terrorists are scum, but they are NOTHING compared ot the dangers of your own government, whichever one that maybe.
Hi alex, thanks for the clarification.

As far as I know, I've never met any 'terrorists', except for the ones wearing uniforms and badges. I've met them a few times.
"Terrorisms" a croc!
Comapre number of incidents of terrorism and death toll, versus...
Homicides (most are commited in rage/drunk by someone you know, or organized crime gangs fighting over incredibly lucrative illegal drug trade)
Road traffic accidents

Terrorism is a CROC! they are sick, deranged dumbasses but incredibly rare.
USA has 330+ million folks, so if 1 in a million is a deranged sicko well yes you are going to have serial killers, terrorists, peadophiles etc.
But it's sitll a tiny fraction of a HUGE populace. You don't go crazy over a 1:million nutjob.

Nearly all terrorist attacks in US, have been by domestic nutters, such as this
Still insignificant versus the continual carnage form Prohibition and then War on Drugs making booze/drugs so valuable violent crime goes crazy
More kids are beaten/abused to death by parents than by predators, and the predators usually get outrageously minimal sentences, get out do it again, but if they had robbed a bank or sold drugs oh hell they'd never see daylight, grrr!!!

Bah, all these pushes/laws are lies to control and abuse :(

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