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CFS - The name of the waste basket

Katie, wonderful, inspiring but not suprising to see that you are still on message. My PM box keeps overflowing, but our shared project is not going in the bin.

We have both learned the reality of how medicine is mismanaged and where our moral responsibility lies if we are lifted out of the dustbin and into the loving arms of big pharma.

We can begin also to sketch how things ought to work. Solving the unknown problems of medicine is a much harder task than the easy option of piggybacking the windfall scientific insight of the latest discovery and riding the wave of opportunities to explore all the dangerous secrets it unlocks - all the way to the bank. The medical industry must feel like they have been lifted up and placed at the top of a giant money slide that they now can career down gleefully, effortlessly collecting new knowledge to enable them to offer wonderful (and in humanity's long-term, deadly) new drugs for old diseases that already have treatment options, rather than struggling honourably to continue the search for answers for those at the bottom of the pile with no options at all.

If the attention were instead focused on investigating the most obscure and untreatable diseases, even those higher up the ladder would be better served. But the impatience of the many drives the numbers game; how can we ever explain to those numbers that even their own best - no, their only hope lies in compassion for those less fortunate even than their own miserable souls, and not in excluding from their care the very hardest cases to understand?

The ideopathic will likely acquire a new name, but only if we can communicate the catalogue of failures and the myriad tragic consequences of the last disastrous blunder two decades ago can we hope for a better future. Because it's learning by caring for those about whom we know nothing whatsoever that has the greatest potential to liberate us all.

Keep reminding me I said that, I'm liable to be distracted.

Spirituality, not psychology.
Natural solutions, not chemical bonds.


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